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1100L bin hire & collection service

Our waste management services are tailored to the needs of our customers’ businesses, and we provide all our customers with the combination of bin types and sizes they require. From initial delivery to collection on a schedule that fits your needs, we take care of the whole process. 

If your business generates a lot of waste, 1100L bins are ideal. We’ll provide as many bins as you need for free, depending on the types of waste and the volume of each type. We’ll then work with you to figure out your preferred collection schedule – weekly, fortnightly, or monthly – before collecting, transporting, and disposing of your waste. 

  • Collection frequency: weekly, or fortnightly

  • Capacity: 1100 litres, or about 18 full bags of waste 

  • Lockable lids? Yes (optional)

  • Number of wheels:

1100L bin dimensions & weight allowance

1100L wheelie bins measure 1.26m wide by 1m deep by 1.4m high, including the wheels. This size is consistent across 1100L wheelie bins for different waste types. 

1100L bin dimensions

The waste type will determine the maximum weight allowance for your 1100L bins: 

  • General waste: maximum 70kg 

  • Dry mixed recycling: maximum 40kg 

1100L bin hire & collection for:

Many businesses generate enough waste to make 1100L wheelie bins worthwhile, including:  

1100L bins for restaurants

It’s no surprise that restaurants generate large volumes of general waste – often more than enough to warrant multiple 1100L wheelie bins.  

1100L bins for hotels

Hotels and other hospitality businesses also generate large volumes of waste, including general waste, mixed recycling, and even other waste types like sanitary waste.  

1100L bins for offices

Office-based businesses generate lots of mixed recycling alongside their general waste, making 1100L general waste and recycling wheelie bins worthwhile.  

If you’re not sure whether a 1100L is the right size for your business needs, get in touch today and we can help you to figure out what you need. 

1100L bins for:

In terms of types of waste, 1100L bins are well suited to:

General waste

The most obvious type of waste to go in a wheelie bin is general waste: a mixture of non-recyclable, non-hazardous items for disposal. 

Dry mixed recycling

This includes paper, cardboard, and plastic, and makes up a large proportion of the waste output of an average business. Note that in Wales, from 2024, the constituent materials of mixed recycling must be stored and collected separately. 

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At Waste Managed we’re perfectly positioned to help your business optimise its waste management plan. We’ll work with you to understand your output and preferred collection schedule, and we’ll provide the number and combination of bins you require – whether they be 1100L, 660L, or 240L. 


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