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At Waste Managed we provide commercial waste collections for businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK through one of our major suppliers Biffa.

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Our Biffa bin services include delivering your containers to your site for free and disposing of general, food, recycling, and glass waste on a schedule suited to you.

With a range of bin sizes to suit your business needs, our experts provide personalised quotes at competitive prices.

Experience hassle-free waste management with Waste Managed. Contact us today for more information and a tailored quote.

What Biffa Bin Sizes Are Available?

When it comes to Biffa bin sizes typically available with your WasteManaged services…

You have the 240L, the 660L, the 1100L wheelie bins and the large Front End Loader.


This bin is the standard size you’ll see for glass and food waste.

It’s the same size as a regular household wheelie bin, has 2 wheels and is made from plastic.

It can be used for general and mixed recycling too – but often you’ll want larger containers for these waste streams as a business.

It can hold…

  • 100KG of loose glass
  • 100KG of food waste
  • 3-4 bags of general waste (15KG)
  • 10KG of dry mixed recycling


This would be considered a ‘regular’ business bin.

Typically used for general waste or mixed recycling.

It has 4 wheels and is made from plastic with a lid

It can hold…

  • 10-12 bags of general waste (40KG)
  • 25KG of dry mixed recycling

1100L Biffa Bins

This is a ‘large’ business bin but also one of the most popular for the majority of businesses.

Typically used for general or mixed recycling.

It’s a 4-wheeler with a plastic lid and plastic container.

It can hold…

  • 18-20 bags of general waste (70KG)
  • 40KG of dry mixed recycling

Front End Loader (FEL)

The typical Biffa 8-yard container can hold a whopping 70 bags of general waste comfortably.

These FEL’s are for bigger businesses that produce a lot of waste.

You’ll need a lot of space to host the bin and it will need to be easily accessed by the waste trucks when it comes to collection day so keep that in mind.

Red biffa wheelie bins

Biffa Bin Prices

So, how much do Biffa Bins cost?

Well, you don’t actually buy them outright. They essentially come as part of your collection service.

With Waste Managed, if your supplier is Biffa then you’ll get your bins for free.

Instead, you only pay for your collections as part of a monthly subscription.

Prices can, therefore, vary depending on the type of waste being collected, the size of the bin (bigger = more expensive collection), and how often you need them emptied.

The best way to accurately find out how much you’ll pay is to get a quick online quote from us today.

Biffa Bin Lorry

Biffa Bin lorries, also known as the big red waste collection vehicles, play a vital role in maintaining cleanliness and sustainability in our communities.

These robust and efficient vehicles are specifically designed to handle the collection and transportation of various types of waste materials.

Biffa Bin lorries are equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including compaction systems and advanced sorting mechanisms, allowing them to maximise their load capacity while minimising environmental impact.

With their distinctive bright red colour and bold branding, these lorries have become a familiar sight on our streets.

Of course, however, they’re very big and so as a business owner you’ll need to ensure that your bins are easily accessible for these trucks come collection day.

Can Waste Managed Supply and Collect Biffa Bins?

Yes! Biffa is one of our suppliers.

That means that we can provide Biffa bins and collections to our UK customers.

We’ll deliver the bins to your site and you can keep them for as long as you’re in contract for free too!

But if you’d prefer a different supplier then we can arrange for that instead. Just let us know.

What makes us special is that we offer fantastic customer service and ensure reliability when it comes to your bin collections.

To get started and see how much you can save with us, fill in our quick and easy quote form.

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