Waste Managed Limited Fixed billing Fair Usage Policy

Contract Schedule Fair Usage

Waste Managed Ltd offers commercial waste bins with weight limits per bin across all the waste  carriers it engages to provide the services. These weights are agreed at the beginning of the  contract and based on estimated usage. They are also are subject to a fair usage policy.  

How much you can put in your bins?

The exact weight limits of your bins are detailed in your contract schedule  

Why do we have a fair use policy?

The vehicles used to collect your waste are subject to maximum weight limits. Overfilling of bins  can result in these limits being reached before the collection route has been completed meaning  collections scheduled towards the end of the route cannot be completed and collections are  therefore missed.  

We also have a duty to protect the drivers who collect your waste from pulling bins that are too  heavy – the maximum weight of your bins are driven by health and safety guidelines.  

What happens if you exceed the fair usage policy

We do not apply excess weight charges if you exceed the weight limits of the bin containers  detailed in your contract schedule. However, if you exceed the weight limit by: 

(i) Over 100% in two occurrences; or  

(ii) Exceed the weight limit by 20% on 3 or more occasions in any six month period;  

we may require an increase in your collection frequency and/or add additional bin containers to  your Services or increase the monthly invoice sum (at a charge agreed in writing by you and us).  

You can either accept our request, or at our discretion we can terminate the contract by giving 7  days’ Written Notice whereby no early termination fees apply, instead only a £75 charge per bin  container will be payable, to cover collection, cleansing and disposal of any residual waste.  

If for any reason we are unable to make contact with you we would write to you and give you 14- days notice to reject any amendment to your pricing or services before they came into effect.  

How do suppliers calculate bin weights?

When the bins are lifted, they are weighed at 3 different points:  

1) When the bin is first put on the vehicle, then 2) at the point of tipping and finally 3) the bin and  its contents are weighed when tipped. 

The weight of the waste is calculated by taking the overall combined weight of the bin and the  waste and then subtracting the weight of the bin minus the contents. This equals the weight of  the waste. This information is calculated by your waste providers and reported to WasteManaged the following day.  

What happens if you contaminate your bins?

We provide a range of waste collection services that allow for effective recycling and our teams  are able to advise on the appropriate solution for your business. However, should your bins  become contaminated, whereby waste has been placed in a bin intended for a different use, this  can result in the bin being rejected by the driver at collection point. This is classed as a wasted  journey and there is a £25 or £15 charge (depending on the bin size) to cover the cost of removing the contents of the contaminated bin which must be performed as an additional collection by a separate vehicle.  


If you want to complain about our services, contact customer services (details are on your invoice or on the complaints section of our website). We are here to help. If something goes wrong, we want to put it right. You can find out more about our complaints process at 

If for any reason we are unable to make contact with you we would write to you and give you 14- days notice to reject any amendment to your pricing or services before they came into effect.

You can still talk to us after 14 days of a change to your agreement to discuss your options and make changes to your service.

(Your right to accept or reject service changes remains unaffected.)

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