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Restaurant rubbish collection services

Restaurants in the UK are under legal obligation to ensure their waste is disposed of in a safe and legal manner. The reasons are manifold: firstly, it reduces environmental impact by allowing for food waste to be recycled where suitable, rather than ending up in landfill. It also ensures higher standards of hygiene, meaning lower risk of contamination and happier customers. All this while potentially saving you money – everyone wins! 

We’ve worked with thousands of restaurants to audit their current waste processes and deliver bespoke improvements that are fully in line with all relevant regulations. To find out how we can help you too, get in touch with our team today. 

Restaurant waste management

Alongside large volumes of food waste, restaurants are also prone to generate general waste and recycling. Our waste management services are designed to incorporate all waste output, whatever type and combination your restaurant produces. Some of the waste we manage for our restaurant clients includes: 

  • General waste 
  • Mixed recycling, i.e. plastic, paper, tin cans and other packaging 
  • Food waste 
  • Glass waste 

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for restaurant waste management, which is why our team will assess your needs and advise on the implementation of a fully bespoke solution that addresses them all. 

Restaurant waste disposal services

Alongside the general waste and recycling your restaurant generates, we can help to collect and dispose of food waste from any of the stages below: 

  • Storage waste: food that goes off or is otherwise contaminated, and requires disposal 
  • Preparation waste: vegetable peels and skins, miscuts, cut-offs and similar 
  • Plate waste: the inevitable leftovers from food served to customers  

With so many different types of food waste to think about we can help you reduce the hassle and stress of managing it. By advising on the optimum storage solution and collection schedule we’ll help your business to safely and efficiently keep on top of your food waste.  

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Restaurant waste bins we can provide

To minimise the risk of bacteria build-up and contamination, restaurants should empty their internal bins at least daily. As part of our restaurant waste management services, we will provide the external wheelie bins your business needs, designed to hold waste until collection. With 240L, 660L and 1100L bins on offer, we will make sure that your bins align as closely as possible with your expected output. 

1100L restaurant bin 1100L / 660L bin

1100L bin

660L restaurant bin 1100L / 660L bin

660L bin

240L restaurant bin 240L wheelie bin

240L bin


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