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Business recycling collection & disposal

Gone are the days where businesses could chuck all their rubbish into one bin and send it to landfill. Now, commercial waste and recycling experts like Waste Managed are on hand to advise on bespoke solutions that see waste stored, collected, transported, and processed according to its type. 

With a large proportion of waste able to be recycled, we’ll advise your business on what to recycle and how to store it, and we’ll take care of the rest. 

Our commercial recycling collection process

When you commission our services we’ll first undertake an audit to build an understanding of the waste your business generates, including types and volume. We’ll then put together a bespoke plan that includes the provision of free bins, collection on a schedule that suits you (weekly or fortnightly), and proper disposal at registered recycling facilities. 

Here are just some of the recyclable materials we can collect and manage for your business: 

  • Paper, including flyers, newspapers, receipts and more 
  • Cardboard, including boxes and packaging 
  • Plastics, including HDPE, PET, PP, LDPE, and PVC 
  • Glass, including bottles and jars 
  • Metal, including aluminium and foils 

For a tailored commercial recycling management quote, get in touch with Waste Managed today.  

Commercial recycling types we collect & dispose of

Our commercial recycling experts have the tools and expertise to manage a variety of types of recyclable materials. The most common our customers need help include:


Even in a digital world, businesses produce huge amounts of paper waste, from documents to receipts, to packaging, newspapers, flyers and more – all ready to find a new lease of life once recycled!  


With plastic ever more prevalent, it’s easy to understand how businesses generate so much plastic recycling. With so many types – HDPE, PET, and PP to name but a few – we can help you get on top of the confusion and get your plastics recycled. 


In the glass recycling process, the proportion that is successfully reused is close to 100%, making this one of the recycling industry’s biggest success stories.  

Sectors we provide business recycling services for

We are proud to work with businesses all over the UK, from family-run establishments through to international organisations. With expertise spanning multiple sectors, here are just some of the industries whose recycling we can manage. 

Office recycling management

Offices and corporate premises are our biggest recycling clients, thanks to the large volumes of paper they produce. But there’s also plastics, glass, cardboard, and others in the mix! 

Industrial recycling management

From packaging materials to byproducts of the manufacturing process, we’ve helped industrial businesses of all kinds to get on top of their recycling process. 

Food industry waste management

While it may not seem obvious, the food industry generates a large volume of recycling: from glass bottles to plastic food containers, paper food carriers, and much more. 

To find out how we can help your business, get in touch today. 

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