Sectors we collect for

We collect a range of waste types for all UK businesses. From general waste to food, we’ve got you covered. Get a quote for your collections online or call 0120 533 8123

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Cafe business waste bin illustration

Business sectors

Restaurant Restaurant waiter icon Restaurant waste
Takeaway Takeaway icon Takeaway waste
Office Office icon Office waste
Bakery Bakery icon Bakery waste
Hospital Hospital icon Hospital waste
Dental Tooth icon Dental waste
Retail Shopping cart icon Retail waste
Tattoo Parlour Tattoo needle icon Tattoo Parlour waste
Butchers Butchers knife icon Butchers waste
Care home Care home icon Care home waste
Aesthetics Aesthetics icon Aesthetics waste
Laboratory Lab beaker icon Laboratory waste
Manufacturing Factory icon Manufacturing waste
Agriculture Tractor icon Agriculture waste
Garage Garage icon Garage waste
Airport Airplane icon Airport waste
Industrial Industrial icon Industrial waste
Construction Construction Icon Construction waste
Don’t see your business sector?

Don’t worry, we collect for any type of business in the UK. As long as you have a business premises and produce waste, we can help.

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