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Our pest control methods

Whether it’s regular pest maintenance or a one-off extermination, our experts have the tools and methods required to get the job done. Depending on the type of pest and the nature of the infestation, we will advise on whether physical, chemical, or biological control is most suitable. 

Here is a summary of each of these methods: 

  • Physical pest control involves the use of lethal and non-lethal traps. This is ideal for situations where chemical control is not suitable. 

  • Chemical pest control involves poisons, pesticides, and toxic gases, and is good for quickly dealing with large infestations. 

  • Biological pest control involves making changes to the environment such as introducing natural predators and is the most environmentally friendly method. 

Our pest control service process

The most important part of our process is to determine which of the methods above is likely to yield the best results. For this we will look to understand how serious the infestation is, the type(s) of pest involved, and other factors. We will then advise on the most suitable method – or combination of methods – to achieve the desired outcome.  

In a commercial context, chemical methods are often most appropriate as they lead to the fastest resolution, but we will ensure the process aligns with your situation and ethical preferences.

Pest control services for your business

Any business can fall victim to a pest infestation, but pests are usually drawn to premises where food is produced, stored, or otherwise involved.  

Hospitality pest control

From exclusion and prevention to baiting, trapping, and future monitoring, we have helped hospitality businesses like hotels, event spaces, and other hospitality businesses to remove pests and prevent them from returning. 

Restaurant pest control

Pests can destroy a restaurant business, so the prompt removal of any infestation is absolutely crucial. We have also helped restaurants with ongoing pest management to prevent them from getting established in the first place. 

We can also provide pest control services for other industries and sectors – to find out how we can help you, get in touch today. 

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Pest control services we can provide

Rats Mouse icon

From inspection of premises to identify likely areas of entry, to positioning and monitoring of traps, to the use of chemical methods where suitable, we have helped many clients to get on top of rat and rodent infestations.

Fleas Flea icon

Fining fleas is soul-destroying, but thankfully modern control methods are able to quickly remedy the situation. We have used chemical pest control solutions to remove flea infestations in hotels, care homes, and more.

Bed Bugs Bed icon

Managing bed bug infestations is about more than spraying the chemicals to kill the visible ones: it’s about making sure all sources of future bed bugs are dealt with. We combine inspection with treatment to reduce the likelihood of future infestations.

Wasps Wasp icon

Wasp infestations can be incredibly dangerous, especially if you attempt to remove or deal with the nest yourself. As experienced professionals we will use specialist equipment to assess their nest, and identify and implement the most appropriate solution.

How our pest control service works

Understand the problem

First, we have a chat and determine what kind of pests your business is vulnerable to (or already has).

Provide the best solution

After we know what pest we're dealing with we'll recommend the most suitable extermination and prevention method.

Getting started

Then we'll agree a price with you and begin to carry out your pest control services.

Aftercare options

Following initial extermination, we can provide after care and regular pest prevention.

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Simplify your pest management today

Pests are a business owner’s worst nightmare, but our extermination and pest maintenance services are on-hand to quickly eradicate any infestation and minimise the risk of pests visiting in the first place. We are also able to deal with other pest types including mice, ants and maggots. To discuss the best pest management solution for your business, get in touch today.

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