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We provide clinical waste collection and clinical waste disposal near you no matter where you’re located in the UK. We compare the market and get the best quote for your business. Get started by filling in our rapid 60-second quote form.

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Clinical Waste Collection Near Me

WasteManaged operates across the whole of the UK, therefore, we can provide clinical waste collection near you guaranteed.

We offer a range of specialist waste disposal options and can customise a package perfectly tailored to your business.

  • Discretion where necessary on all your waste
  • A friendly expert team to help advise you
  • All toxic waste legislation followed at all times
  • Specialised dedicated bins for medical waste or sharps waste

To get a free quote or some expert advice on your medical or beauty waste then fill in our rapid quote form and choose the ‘Other/Unsure’ option.

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What is Clinical Waste?

Clinical waste is the type of waste which is produced by healthcare, beauty, and similar industries which is deemed to be dangerous to humans and the environment due to its toxic and potentially infectious nature.

Some common examples of clinical refuse are used bandages, swabs, needles, and syringes. 

Understandably, there are a lot of regulations and laws surrounding the safe disposal of clinical waste.

But, this can be quite tricky for businesses to keep up with and so using a certified waste collector to deal with your specialist waste is integral to ensuring that your business is legally compliant at all times.

Clinical waste is: 

  • Fabrics or materials which contain either micro-organisms or toxins which can cause disease. 
  • Materials which have been contaminated with any type of medicine which has a biologically active pharmaceutical agent.
  • Materials contaminated with biological fluids such as rubber gloves, dressings, and PPE equipment.
  • Sharp objects like needles, syringes or scalpels.

What are the different types of Clinical Waste?

Clinical waste can be categorised into any of the following:

Sharps waste: 

  • Includes all your needles, syringes, scalpels, etc. 

Sanitary waste: 

  • Nappies, tampons, menstrual pads, etc.

Infectious waste:

  • Bandages, masks, swabs, gloves, PPE, dressings, wipes etc.

Offensive waste:

  • Nappies, empty colostomy bags, incontinence pads, etc.

Cytotoxic waste:

  • Blister pack (for holding pills), medicinal vials, and any material which becomes contaminated with medicines.

Dental waste:

  • Teeth with fillings, unwanted amalgam

Anatomical waste:

  • Organs, body parts, blood bags

Our specialist/clinical waste disposal methods are legally certified in the UK to ensure that your business waste is collected and disposed of safely at all times. Read our guide on hazardous waste here.

This gives you peace of mind knowing that you won’t end up with any surprise fines or warnings from the government. To have us take care of your specialist waste fill in our rapid 60 second form.

How is Clinical Waste disposed of near me?

Due to its dangerous nature, incineration is the most common method of clinical waste disposal. This ensures that the dangerous substances are removed and the potential for passing on disease is minimised.

Whilst these specialist incinerators may not be near your area, we have access to UK-wide disposal facilities and so can collect and dispose of your medical or beauty waste no matter where you’re located.

The most common locations of these facilities are in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle, York, Leeds, Cardiff, Swansea Edinburgh, Glasgow, and Belfast. But as we say we can collect your waste anywhere in the UK.

Other disposal methods:

Chemical – this involves either adding chemicals to dissolve products or neutralise their harmful properties

Irradiative – this uses microwave technology to kill off any dangerous substances

Biological process – this uses enzymes to break down components of the clinical waste – although this method is rarely used as it’s still fairly new.

You can find out more information about the waste disposal legislation for medical and beauty waste here.

What bins do I need for this type of waste?

There are various types of commercial bins or bin bags required for safe clinical waste disposal. Luckily, we supply them for you when you choose our waste management services. 

Here are the various types of bins (or clinical bin bags) and what they hold:

Sharps container (often yellow):

sharps container yellow

Lockable, enclosed lidded container which holds discarded needles, syringes and other sharps waste.

Yellow waste bags:

yellow waste bag

Holds sanitary and infectious waste

Orange waste bags:

orange waste bag

Holds offensive waste

Purple waste bags:

purple waste bag

Holds cytotoxic and cytostatic waste

White case containers:

white container dental waste

Often used for dental waste

Red waste bags:

red waste bag

Holds anatomical waste

You can read more about clinical waste bins here.

Which businesses need Clinical Waste Collection?

The most common types of businesses that need some sort of specialist waste collection services are usually hospitals, GPs, vets, dentists, piercing specialists, beauty parlours, hair salons, laboratories, tattoo shops, nurseries, and possibly restaurants (for the sanitary waste in baby changing bathrooms).

However, there are plenty of other businesses not listed above that may need some sort of clinical waste disposal. The best way to find out what you may need is to chat with an expert.

At WasteManaged we have a highly trained experienced team who can provide you with free and friendly advice over the phone: 03333445623

Simply fill out our 1 minute form and select the ‘Other/Unsure’ option and we’ll arrange for a call.

How much do these collections cost?

Medical and beauty waste collections don’t have a set cost. That’s because the type and amount of medical or beauty waste your business produces needs to be considered before an accurate quote can be given.

What you need to remember, however, is the fact that it is a strict legal requirement to dispose of your clinical waste safely and so trying to do it yourself or by using an unprofessional waste management service puts your business at serious risk of being fined and charged a considerable amount.

Ensuring that our customer’s medical waste is collected and disposed of safely and legally is incredibly important to us. We offer peace of mind and come highly rated for our services – 4.5 stars on Trust Pilot.

We also have 11 years of industry experience collecting this type of waste, so you’re in safe hands when you choose us.

How to get clinical waste collections near you

Can I get clinical waste collection near me? – This is a question often asked by new businesses who need their medical waste taken care of. Well, the answer, put simply, is yes, no matter if you require sharps waste collection or hazerdous material removal.

At WasteManaged we operate all across the UK and service over 20,000 businesses of all shapes and sizes. We’ve been collecting and disposing of medical and beauty waste for the past 11 years and have an expert team ready to help you at every stage.

To get started we’ll need to have a quick friendly chat about your commercial waste over the phone. Once we understand more about your business we’ll find the best service options for you, get your bins sent over and begin collecting on a schedule suited to you.

Fill in our quick 60-second form to get a quote on your waste collections now.

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