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We provide business waste collections for over 20,000 businesses across the UK. We compare the market and get the best quote for your commercial rubbish. Get started by filling in our 1 minute quote form.


Business Waste

Business waste is any rubbish or refuse which is produced through commercial activities. In other words, it’s the waste that businesses throw away.

In the UK, it’s a legal responsibility to ensure that your company’s waste is collected and disposed of safely, with key consideration to the environment at all times.

This can be quite tricky for businesses to do without using a commercial waste management service.

A professional business waste collector such as ourselves will provide you with commercial bins, will pick up and safely dispose of all your waste on a schedule suited to your company’s needs.

They will also handle any legal documentation needed to ensure that your business is compliant with the law at all times (meaning you avoid any fines).

To have us compare the best commercial rubbish collection servicers in your area and get you the best quote available then fill out our rapid quote form.

Who collects my business waste?

Unlike household waste, the waste produced by your business will need to be disposed of by a certified waste collector, not the local council. 

When you start a new business or are taking over a company, your bin collections won’t just happen (like they do with residential waste) and there won’t be a truck ready to pick your bins when you leave them out, unless you have a contract with a waste management service

There is no automatic enrollment into a waste collection service, you need to reach out, get a quote, and eventually sign a contract.

How much do business waste collections cost?

What you need for a quote

There is no set price for commercial rubbish collections. That’s because every business is different and will require various services depending on their needs. 

Before a waste collector can provide an accurate quote they need to know what kind of business you are, what type of waste you tend to produce, how much you throw away, and how often you will need collections.

If you know all this information already then that’s great – you can begin getting a quote.

But if you’re not quite sure, that’s also okay. We have a friendly team of experts who will provide free advice on what you might need. Just select the ‘Other/Unsure’ option on the form.

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Excess weight charges

Costs which you should also be made aware of are excess weight charges. These are nasty hidden fees which the majority of business waste collectors will not mention clearly in their conversations with you.

Essentially, it’s an add-on fee for each time your bins are deemed ‘overweight’ or ‘overfilled’. This add-on cost can spring up anytime on your bill and you will likely get no forewarning.

This means that one month your bill could be a lot more than the previous month. This is a nightmare for businesses.

Here at WasteManaged, we think excess weight charges are really unfair. It’s very difficult for business owners to be able to tell if their bins are overweight, and not having a consistent bill for waste collections makes budgeting a real hassle.

That’s why we don’t charge excess weight fees EVER! We use fixed price contracts where you will pay an agreed price for all your waste collections which remains the same each and every month. No surprises here. Get a quote from us now.

Duty of Care documents

Every business that needs their waste collected is required to have and sign duty of care documents and provide Waste Transfer Notes (WTN). The Duty of Care and WTN documents can be taken care of each year for only £90.

What types of commercial rubbish can be collected?

All sorts of commercial waste can be collected. The most common types of waste (which can be collected and disposed of) produced by businesses include:

General waste – everyday rubbish which can’t be recycled

Dry mixed recycling – cardboard, paper, and plastics

Food waste – food scrapings, leftovers, expired food etc

Glass waste – empty bottles and jars

Clinical waste – medical swabs, bandages, and sharps waste (needles)

Each of the waste types listed above will need a dedicated bin for that waste type only. It’s integral that you don’t mix your business waste.

You can’t cross-contaminate your waste (such as by putting glass bottles in your food waste bin) it’s illegal, and your waste can’t be collected if you do so.

What bins do I need for my business waste?

We have 4 types and sizes of commercial bins available for you to choose from:

1100 Litre 4 Wheeler Bin – can hold 15-18 bags (about 70kg)

660 Litre 4 Wheeler Bin – can hold 10-12 bags (about 42kg)

240 Litre 2 Wheeler Bin – can hold 4-5 bags (about 15kg)

17.5 Litre Indoor Bin – can hold 1 bag (about 4kg)

Our larger 4 wheeler bins are perfect for general waste or recycling, whereas our 2 wheeler is ideal for food, glass, or clinical waste. Our smallest bin is kept indoors and is often used for clinical bins such as sharps waste or bandages/swabs.

Find out more information about our commercial bins.

What are the laws and regulations around commercial rubbish?

As a business owner, you have a legal responsibility to ensure that your business waste is safely disposed of. The Environmental Agency and Waste Disposal legislation in the UK states that you must:

  • Minimise how much you throw away
  • Keep your waste separated (no cross-contamination)
  • Not ‘fly-tip’ rubbish into other people’s land or bins for that matter (even if it’s a nearby neighbour)
  • Sign a Waste Transfer Note / Duty of Care document

The best way to make sure that you’re following all these rules is to use a certified waste management company like ourselves.

When it comes to things like your Waste Transfer Note, we’ll provide all the support you need so it all goes smoothly.

How is business waste disposed of?

Recycling badge on wood

Business waste is disposed of in various ways depending on the type of waste it is.

For example, cardboard and paper waste is taken to recycling facilities where it is cleaned, shredded, pasted, and made into new paper and cardboard products. Whereas, general waste is, unfortunately, often buried in landfills. 

This is a very simplified list of where your waste ends up (you can find out in more detail about waste disposal here):

  • General – landfill (although we send as much as possible to treatment facilities instead)
  • Recycling – recycling factories
  • Food – reused for animal feed, or made into biofuel
  • Glass – glass recycling factories
  • Clinical waste – incinerated due to its potential dangerous nature

We aim to recycle or treat all the trade waste we collect from you by taking it to some of the best facilities in the UK. Landfill is the last option we consider.

That’s why businesses who use us for commercial waste disposal can confidently say that they’re a ‘green’ business which your customers, staff, and more importantly the planet will appreciate.

How do I get my commercial rubbish collected?

To get started with your commercial collections just fill in our no-hassle, 60 second quote form here.

At WasteManaged we provide a fantastic, highly rated, and recommended service: 

  • Fixed, no-nonsense monthly pricing. We’re the only UK company which offers a fixed bill each month which never changes.
  • We never charge excess weight fees – again, we’re the only UK collector to do this.
  • We offer exceptional customer support to ensure you’re always getting a service you love – if you’re not getting what you want from us, we’ll fix that for you. We’re problem solvers. 

To get a quote or advice on trade waste disposal then fill out our rapid quote form here.

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