Bedding and Blanket Disposal

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Disposing of bedding and blankets is a common concern for UK businesses in the hospitality industry, care homes, nurseries, and more.

With sustainability and waste management becoming increasingly important, understanding how to efficiently and responsibly dispose of these items is crucial.

In this blog, we’ll explore effective strategies for bedding and blanket disposal, relevant statistics, and useful resources for businesses.

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The Importance of Proper Bedding and Blanket Disposal

Bedding and blankets can accumulate quickly in industries where cleanliness and hygiene are really important.

For hotels, care homes, nurseries, and other similar businesses, disposing of these items correctly not only ensures compliance with health regulations but also contributes to environmental responsibility.

According to WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme), the UK disposes of around 1 million tonnes of textiles annually, with a significant portion coming from commercial sources.

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Best Practices for Disposal


Many types of bedding and blankets can be recycled.

Businesses should seek out textile recycling companies that accept these items.

Recycling helps reduce landfill waste and repurposes materials for new products.


Gently used bedding and blankets can be donated to charities, homeless shelters, and animal shelters.

This not only aids those in need but also supports corporate social responsibility initiatives.


Creative upcycling projects can transform old bedding into new, useful items.

For example, blankets can be converted into cleaning rags, cushion stuffing, or even insulation materials.

Specialised Waste Management Services:

Partnering with a waste management service that specialises in textile disposal can streamline the process.

These services often provide collection, sorting, and recycling options tailored to commercial needs.

bedding covered in bed bugs getting thrown away

Interesting Facts about Bedding and Blanket Disposal

  • Recycling Rates: As of recent data, the UK’s recycling rate for textiles is around 25%, indicating significant room for improvement (source: The Waste and Resources Action Programme).

  • Environmental Impact: The production of textiles, including bedding, contributes to 10% of global carbon emissions.

    Proper disposal can help mitigate this impact (source: The Ellen MacArthur Foundation).
bedding in a hotel


By implementing these disposal methods, UK businesses can ensure they manage bedding and blanket waste responsibly, supporting both their operational efficiency and environmental sustainability.


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