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Basingstoke commercial waste management

In Basingstoke, we recognise the significance of efficient and responsible commercial waste management, and our services are designed to meet the variety of needs of businesses across the town.

Our team collects all major types of commercial waste, ensuring strict compliance with regulations and the implementation of sustainable practices.

As a town situated in Hampshire, Basingstoke has witnessed notable growth and development over the years, with thriving businesses emerging along key streets like Winchester Street, Church Street, and Wote Street.

Whether your business is located in the bustling town centre, nestled among shops on Festival Place, or situated in the industrial areas around Houndmills, we have your waste management needs covered.

From retail establishments along New Street to pubs and restaurants on London Street, our tailored services extend across the diverse landscape of Basingstoke, promoting cleanliness and environmental responsibility for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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Why choose Waste Managed for Basingstoke waste services?

At Waste Managed we’re renowned across Basingstoke for:

  • Affordable Bin Collections
  • Exceptional Customer Support
  • Quick & Easy Account Set Up 
  • Flexible Services You Can Alter at Any Time

Business waste collection & disposal in Basingstoke

At Waste Managed, we take pride in offering exceptional business waste collection services in Basingstoke, tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors.

As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we provide free bins to all our Basingstoke-based customers, ensuring that you only pay for the collections.

What sets us apart is our transparent pricing structure – we don’t charge for excess weight, eliminating hidden fees and offering a straightforward and cost-effective waste management solution for businesses in the area.

Our reliable business waste collection services extend to key locations in Basingstoke, including:

  • Festival Place
  • London Street
  • Houndmills
  • Winchester Street
  • Church Street
  • And more!

Whether you run a pub on Wote Street, a hairdressing salon in Brighton Hill, or an office in Chineham, Waste Managed is here to cater to your specific waste management requirements.

Our flexible scheduling options, whether weekly or fortnightly collections, ensure that your waste needs are met efficiently.

Contact us to discuss your Basingstoke business’s waste management needs, and let us provide you with a reliable and environmentally responsible solution.

Types of waste

Commercial waste collection in Basingstoke for:

At Waste Managed in Basingstoke, our commercial waste collection services are designed to meet the diverse needs of businesses across various sectors and sizes.

We offer waste management solutions for the following common business types in the area:

Restaurants and Cafes

Thriving in the town centre and along Winchester Street, restaurants and cafes benefit from our waste collection services.

We address their unique needs, including dedicated food waste disposal, glass waste services, and general waste collection to maintain cleanliness and comply with environmental regulations.

Retail Shops

Our waste collection services for retail businesses cover the disposal of packaging materials, cardboard, and other materials generated during daily operations.

Hotels and Accommodations

Serving the hospitality sector along Wote Street and around the town, our waste management services for hotels encompass the removal of general waste, food, and mixed recycling.


Supporting the business hub in the heart of Basingstoke our waste collection services for offices encompass comprehensive recycling solutions.

From paper and cardboard disposal to confidential document shredding, we address the unique waste management requirements of offices.

Hairdressers and Salons

Extending our services from Brighton Hill to other areas, we cater to the waste management needs of hairdressers and salons.

In addition to general waste services, we assist these businesses in determining whether they require specialised sharps or clinical waste management services, ensuring compliance with environmental disposal policies.

While these examples showcase the diversity of businesses we serve in Basingstoke, Waste Managed is ready to accommodate a wide range of business types.

Contact us to discuss your specific waste management needs, and we’ll ensure a solution that’s affordable, environmentally friendly, and legal compliance for your business.

Waste types collected in Basingstoke

General waste

This is for all your non-recyclable commercial rubbish.

Dry mixed recycling

These bins are perfect for paper, cardboard, plastics, and cans.

Food waste

These bins are highly recommended for businesses like restaurants, pubs and hotels.

Glass waste

This bin can hold empty bottles and jars. Pubs and restaurants typically use them.

Clinical waste

Clinical waste can be fairly complicated but it typically involves used swabs, bandages, and chemicals.

Confidential shredding

Not just for offices, this is a service that will ensure you’re GDPR compliant and your confidential business information is protected.

Our Basingstoke waste collection process

We have a simple 4-step collection process and it all starts with your quote.

Step 1 – Get a quote

If you’re a Basingstoke-based business then click to get a quote from this page and you’ll be directed to a quote form. Let us know what kind of waste you need collecting and we’ll be in touch with a price.

Step 2 – Confirm your service

On the phone, we’ll help you decide on the best waste management options for you.

With our knowledge of the local area and other similar businesses, we can advise on which service types will save you the most money and ensure that you’re fully legally compliant.

Step 3 – Start using your bins

We’ll provide your bins for free and deliver them to your site. All you have to do then is fill them up!

Step 4 – Get your waste collected

On your arranged collection day leave your bins in an easy-to-access space and we’ll be round to empty them so you can use them again.

Get started with commercial waste management in Basingstoke

Join over 29,000 businesses getting their waste collected by us due to our affordable, reliable and environmentally friendly service.

It all starts by filling out a 60-second form and our team will be in touch with friendly, expert advice on the best options for you so that you can save money on collections and ensure that you’re legally compliant.

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