7 Awesome Uses for Recycled Tyres

A huge pile of recycled tyres with a blue sky in the background

Using recycled tyres is an excellent way to repurpose waste and contribute to environmental sustainability.

With millions of tyres discarded annually, finding innovative and practical uses for them can significantly reduce landfill waste and conserve resources.

If you’re fixing up an old car, or maybe you own a garage that wants to make a difference, keep reading to find seven awesome uses for recycled tyres!

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1. Playground Surfaces Out of Recycled Tyres

Recycled tyres are commonly used to create safe and durable playground surfaces.

The tyres are shredded into small pieces and then compacted to form a soft, springy surface.

This provides excellent cushioning for children, reducing the risk of injuries from falls.

The material also has excellent drainage properties, ensuring playgrounds remain safe and dry even after heavy rains.

a playground with flooring made from recycled tyres

2. Garden Planters from Recycled Tyres

Old tyres can be transformed into stylish and functional garden planters.

By stacking and painting tyres, you can create unique and eye-catching planters for flowers, herbs, and vegetables.

Tyre planters are durable, weather-resistant, and offer excellent insulation for plants.

They also help promote vertical gardening, making efficient use of limited space.

garden planters made from old tyres

3. Outdoor Furniture from Recycled Tyres

Recycled tyres can be upcycled into various types of outdoor furniture, including tables, chairs, ottomans, even fun swings for the kids!

By combining tyres with other materials like wood and metal, you can create sturdy, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing pieces that are perfect for patios and gardens.

This not only reduces waste but also adds a creative and rustic touch to outdoor spaces.

a photo of a tyre swing

4. Construction Materials from Recycled Tyres

Crumb rubber, derived from shredded tyres, is increasingly being used in construction projects.

It can be mixed with asphalt to create rubberised asphalt, which is more durable and resistant to cracking compared to traditional asphalt.

Crumb rubber is also used in concrete and other building materials, providing enhanced flexibility and strength while promoting sustainability.

a road made out of recycled tyre pieces

5. Art and Sculptures Made from Recycled Tyres

Artists and sculptors have discovered the potential of recycled tyres as a medium for creating unique and striking artworks.

From intricate sculptures to large-scale installations, tyres offer a versatile and durable material that can be molded and shaped into various forms.

Look at some of these examples from artist, Blake McFarland!

This not only showcases artistic creativity but also raises awareness about recycling and environmental conservation.

an art sculpture made out of painted tyres

6. Sports and Fitness Equipment

Recycled tyres are used to manufacture a variety of sports and fitness equipment.

Tyres can be repurposed into agility training tools, gym mats, and even weights for strength training.

Their durability and resilience make them ideal for high-impact activities and outdoor fitness routines.

This use not only extends the life of tyres but also promotes sustainable practices in the fitness industry.

three men carrying a huge tyre in the gym

7. Erosion Control

Recycled tyres can play a significant role in erosion control projects.

Whole or shredded tyres can be used to create retaining walls, embankments, and other structures that help prevent soil erosion.

Tyres are particularly effective in stabilizing slopes and preventing landslides, providing a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to soil erosion issues.

a wall made of recycled tyres


Recycling tyres offers a myriad of benefits, from reducing waste and conserving natural resources to providing innovative solutions in various industries.

By finding new and creative uses for old tyres, we can significantly lessen their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Whether it’s through playground surfaces, garden planters, or construction materials, the possibilities for recycled tyres are endless and exciting.

Let’s embrace these eco-friendly alternatives and make a positive difference for our planet!

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