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Commercial Waste – Collection, Costs, Quotes 2023

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This guide will explain everything you need to know about Commercial Waste. To compare the market and get the best quote for your business waste collections fill in our 1 minute quote form.

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What is commercial waste?

Commercial waste is the rubbish that businesses produce. The actual waste material is often not any different than that of which you produce at home. It’s usually general waste or recycling.

Some businesses, however, will discard more specialist material such as clinical or food waste.

Unlike household rubbish (which is taken care of by the council), you must get a dedicated collection service for your business waste. You can’t rely on council pickups for commercial refuse.

It’s a business’ legal responsibility to ensure that their trade waste is safely removed from their site location, transferred, and disposed of at a treatment facility.

Without the help of a waste management service, this can be very confusing for UK companies. That’s why there are various collection services available.

How do I get my commercial waste collected?

Getting your company’s waste disposed of is actually a fairly simple process and something you can get sorted today. But first, you need to ask yourself a few questions…

  • What kind of waste will my business produce?
  • How much waste will my company throw away?
  • How often do I need my bins collected?

Some business owners will be able to answer these questions straight away and if that’s you then you’re pretty much ready to begin getting quotes.

Getting a quote can often be fairly tedious and time-consuming. But if you want a rapid commercial waste quote in under a minute then you can get one with us

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What if I don’t know what waste services I need?

Don’t worry! The vast majority of the time business owners are not entirely sure what they need so you’re not alone.

The easiest way to understand what your company may need when it comes to waste management is to get in contact with someone who knows what they’re talking about.

You can contact experts who help businesses make cost-efficient waste decisions by calling our number: 03333445623.

If you don’t fancy chatting to someone over the phone, that’s totally understandable. What you can do instead is go online and see what kind of waste different businesses produce and what some of the more common waste packages companies get. 

Failing that… ask a friend. If you know someone who has run a business similar to yours then why not get in touch with them and get some advice on your commercial bin requirements.

How much are commercial waste collection costs in 2023?

The truth is there is no simple answer to how much trade waste disposal can cost. That’s because there are various factors which need to be considered before collectors can give a quote. 

Plus, there are plenty of hidden or additional costs and fees which some waste suppliers apply to your account. One of the main culprits is excess weight charges. 

Each bin has a specific size and maximum weight it can carry. Below you can see how many bags can fit into each bin size before the commercial bin would be considered overweight.

various commercial waste bin sizes

If a bin is overweight, then the waste trucks can’t pick up and empty all the bins it’s scheduled to collect that day. This is because the trucks will get full quicker than expected.

This causes businesses to end up missing collections and so to discourage companies from overfilling their bins, they are charged excess weight fees.

But, these charges are often quite unfair and can be really harsh for small businesses. That’s because it’s quite difficult to know whether your bin is overweight or not.

Therefore, many business owners are shocked and rightly upset that their bills include an excess weight charge that month.

How do I remove excess weight charges?

Well, the best way to guarantee no excess weight costs is to use a waste management provider who charges a fixed price for your collections. Having this means you know exactly how much your waste bill will be each month.

Right now, in the UK, there is only one business waste collector who offers fixed rates and guarantees no excess weight charges and that’s us WasteManaged.

To get set up with your business waste disposal needs with fixed billing prices fill in our rapid quote form.

What types of waste do businesses produce?

What type of commercial waste your company will produce will depend on what kind of company you are. Pretty much every business will need general and recycling collections.

But, here are the other common types of rubbish produced by various businesses:

  • Restaurant / takeaway – food waste, glass waste
  • Beauty parlour / tattoo shop – clinical waste, sharps waste
  • Private dental / medical service – clinical waste, sharps waste
  • Manufacturer / automobile – hazardous waste

It’s incredibly important to have a dedicated waste bin for each type of waste your business produces. You must not cross-contaminate your waste otherwise your waste collector can’t safely dispose of your waste properly.

Imagine if your glass waste was mixed with your food waste! This food waste then can’t be safely repurposed and used for agricultural feed as it will endanger the animals who eat it.

How much commercial waste is produced in the UK?

UK businesses create around 27.5 million tonnes of commercial waste each year. Combine this with the 13.6 million tonnes of industrial waste generated, then you have an enormous 41.1 million tonnes of business waste produced each and every year. In fact, this number is growing as more and more businesses pop up across the UK.

Having this much waste to deal with would be a nightmare if businesses had to dispose of their trade refuse on their own. That’s why using a waste management company is by far the best choice for UK businesses.

Using a service like WasteManaged enables you to spend more time making money with your own business instead of having to worry about your waste collections.

We do all the difficult stuff like making sure you’re legally compliant with your waste for you. With us, you can relax and be confident your business waste is being taken care of.

What can WasteManaged offer my business?

We provide fixed billing for all our bin collection services. This means that we provide a set price for your bin disposal – no other UK service currently does this.

This means NO excess weight charges. You can easily budget for your waste services and know exactly how much you’re spending each and every month. With us, there are no surprise invoices ever.

We’ve also been disposing of commercial waste for over 11 years! So we know what we’re doing and how to properly look after your business.

Other providers simply can’t offer the same price clarity as us because we’re the only fixed-price collector in the UK. That’s why we’re loved by over 20,000 businesses and score a 4.5 Trust Pilot score.

To get a quote or advice on trade waste then fill out our rapid quote form here.

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