Preparing Your Business for Summer Pests

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Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes the warm weather we all enjoy.

However, the rise in temperatures also means an increase in pest activity, posing a particular challenge for businesses, especially those in the food sector such as pubs, takeaways, and restaurants.

It’s incredibly important that you maintain a pest-free environment for your business, not just for the comfort and safety of your customers, but also to protect your reputation and bottom line.

In this post, we’ll walk you through essential steps to prepare your business for the summer pests.

1. Understand the Common Summer Pests

The first step in effective pest control is knowing what you’re up against. Summer pests can range from flies, ants, and cockroaches, to rodents.

Each pest has its preferences for food and habitat, but they all share a common love for warmth, which is why they become more active in the summer.

2. Conduct a Thorough Pest Inspection

Inspect your premises for any signs of pest activity. Look for droppings, nests, or damage to property and food supplies.

Check potential entry points such as windows, doors, and vents. It’s crucial to identify and address these issues early on to prevent an infestation.

3. Maintain Cleanliness

Pests are attracted to food waste and water. Ensuring your business is clean is the most effective way to keep pests at bay.

Regularly dispose of waste in sealed containers, clean spills immediately, and keep food storage areas tidy and organised.

Ensure your bins are being collected and don’t sit in the heat for too long. If possible, keep your bins in the shade and give the bins a quick clean or hose down once every week or so.

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4. Seal Off Entry Points to Keep Pests Out

Prevent pests from entering your premises by sealing cracks and openings. Install screens on windows and vents, and replace damaged seals around doors.

These small adjustments can make a big difference in keeping pests outside where they belong.

5. Manage Outdoor Areas

Your outdoor areas can serve as breeding grounds for pests.

Keep grass trimmed and remove any standing water. Ensure bins are closed and located away from your main building. Regularly inspect these areas for signs of pests.

6. Educate Your Team On Summers Pests

Your staff plays a crucial role in pest management. Educate them on the importance of maintaining cleanliness, proper food storage, and waste management.

Encourage them to report any signs of pest activity immediately. Hanging up posters is an easy way to remind employees.

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7. Professional Pest Control Services

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, pests can still find their way into your business. This is where professional pest control services come in.

At Waste Managed, we don’t just handle your waste; we also offer pest control services tailored to your business needs.

Our team of experts can provide regular inspections and treatments to ensure your premises remain pest-free.


Preparing your business for summer pests is essential in maintaining a healthy, safe, and welcoming environment for your customers and staff.

By taking proactive steps and seeking professional assistance when necessary, you can enjoy a pest-free summer. Remember, prevention is key.

Start early and be consistent in your efforts to protect your business from summer pests.

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