How Much Rubbish Would the Death Star Produce?

Star wars litter picker

As Star Wars fans gear up for May the 4th, a question arises: how much waste would the Death Star actually produce? Where does it all go? And would it cost Vader an arm and a leg to implement an efficient waste management strategy? Read on to find out.

The Death Star housed a staggering number of employees –  military personnel, stormtroopers, officers, technicians, and support staff. Estimates put the number around 1.5 million. That’s a lot of beings consuming food, using hygiene facilities, and generating…well, waste.

Let’s get down and dirty with some galactic waste disposal figures.  If each person on the Death Star produced just 2.5 kilograms of waste a day (which is a conservative estimate on our own planet), that’s a whopping 3,750,000 kilograms every day!

Here’s a breakdown of the Death Star’s potential waste problem:

  • Weekly Waste: A staggering 26.25 million kilograms

  • Monthly Waste: We’re talking 112 million kilograms, enough to fill a Star Destroyer’s hangar a few times over.

  • Yearly Waste: The Death Star would be generating a colossal 1.2 billion kilograms of waste annually. 

That’s enough to put a dent in any moon!

Star Wars how much rubbish would the death star produce infographic

What happens to the rubbish?

They definitely didn’t just chuck Death Star trash out the window.  Here’s what probably happened to the garbage:

Squish and Launch

Most likely, the trash got compacted down (like that nasty scene with Luke and Leia) to make more space. Then, they probably blasted it out into space, maybe aiming for a nearby sun for a fiery goodbye.

Feed it to the space pigs?

Remember that creepy tentacle monster in the trash compactor?  Maybe it wasn’t just hanging out.  Some folks think the Death Star used these guys, called dianogas, to eat up all the leftover food scraps and stuff. Not a bad idea if you can stomach it!

Recycle and Reuse

The Empire was a pretty big operation, so it wouldn’t be surprising if they had ways to recycle stuff from the trash.  Metal, wires, leftover droid parts – you name it, they might have been able to turn it into something new.

In the end, it probably depended on what kind of trash it was.  Leftover pizza for the dianoga, scrap metal for the smelter, and the rest blasted off into space dust!

What about Vader’s recycling policies?

We don’t know Vader’s approach to waste management or if he was lightspeeding his way to achieving Net Zero. Hopefully this might be addressed in one of the upcoming films.

However, we do know that in the Empire Strikes Back, his star destroyer released large amounts of rubbish into space, which the millennium falcon used as a diversion to escape. 

So, it is likely that the man in the black helmet is simply dumping his unwanted trash into space lanes like a common driver littering on the side of the road. Someone should report him to the emperor for fly tipping

With over a million beings on board, generating a galactic garbage heap, the Empire’s gotta get their waste management in order. Maybe they should consider a “trash compactor” program – one that recycles instead of just crushing dreams (and droids).

May the force be with the sanitation crews!

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