Sustainable Christmas Gifts – 21 Zero Waste Ideas

Green christmas gift

We have put together a selection of eco-friendly gifts from brands large and small who are doing their part – from ethical standards in manufacturing and transparency of the supply chain to using sustainable materials and minimising waste.

This Sustainable Gift Guide provides 21 examples of amazing, green gifts that you can impress the family with, all the while being ethical.

Once you have decided what type of gift you would like to give, do some research into sustainable brands.

Once you decide on a thoughtful gift, investigate a brand’s sustainable practices; they are often pretty easy to find, but you can always reach out to a retailer and ask them about how they are helping the planet if you are not sure.

When shopping for friends, partners, or family, really consider which gifts your friends would enjoy and then consider what options are available from there.

Before you purchase anything you should first ask yourself “Will they use it?” and “Will it still be relevant in the future?”.

Ensure that the gift will be valuable to the recipient long-term and it will hold its worth. 

christmas gifts under tree

Christmas Presents for the Great Outdoors

1. Flint Sticks

Not just a great survival tool for when you’re out away from civilisation, they will also help you to use less light fuel and plastic (if you buy disposables).

Every little helps and let’s be honest, they’re just more fun.

2. Eco-friendly sunscreens

As most sunscreens are harmful to marine ecosystems it might not be the best idea to take a dip in a lake once you’ve doused yourself in factor 50.

When you’re mixing those chemicals into the water, a lot of problems are created which may seem insignificant at first, but those substances linger and build up to the detriment of the wildlife living there.

Try to imagine a big fish coming crashing through your window covered in arsenic and you’ll get the image.

Luckily there are eco-friendly options available.

3. Deet-free insect repellant

As you know, insects are not a big fan of deet.

But when we’re spraying the chemical there can be friendly fire as deet is pretty harmful to fish, aquatic invertebrates and birds.

There are plenty of options out their which are deet free and can be just as effective. 

4. Solar Charger

A solar charger is a great gift for those who like spending long periods of time in the outdoors hiking, wild camping or even fishing.

This device will keep any electricals charged with natural energy (even if the clouds aren’t too thick).

So seeing your phone or GPS on its last bar of battery need not be of concern.

5. Reusable cutlery set

An ideal purchase for hikers who are conscious of waste and don’t want cutlery poking holes in their kit while out on a walk.

No need to depend on chopsticks.

If you want steak and eggs at the top of Ben Nevis then don’t let the cutlery hold you back. Good luck with the wind though.

Unique Biodegradable Christmas Gift Ideas

6. Organic loose tea leaf set

A great gift for someone who cares about their health as much as the environment.

Make use of a tea set that includes natural biodegradable wicker materials.

7. Elvis & Kresse Red Firehose Wallet

The wallet is made from environmentally friendly materials and is very durable.

The wallets are lined with reclaimed military parachute silk which has been saved from landfill.

8. Matamba Hanging Lines Planter

These swanky hanging planters have a unique black etched design that stands out.

The shape is ideal for small to medium-sized plants.

White wraped Christmas presents under white tree

Sustainable Christmas Gifts for the Home

9. Repurposed Sari Patchwork Apron

Need a creative gift for the kitchen?

Do you have any sewing skills?

If your answer to both these questions is yes, then maybe you should try making use of any old fabrics or clothing you have to make an apron.

10. Stainless Steel Straws

A gift that could last a lifetime.

Something you can guarantee people will get use out of and they are easily cleanable.

11. Organic Turkish Cotton Bathrobes

An organic material bathrobe that comes in multiple shapes, sizes and thickness for warmer and colder periods.

No chemicals are used in the making of these robes and so if and when they are eventually disposed of they won’t cause pollution.

12. Reusable Sandwich Bags

Rather than rely on tin foil and cling-film you can seal your lunch in a reusable sandwich bag.

They’re really easy to clean and don’t take up any space.

Plus, they are not going to leak mustard all over your company laptop when in your bag!

13. Recycled Glass Carafe With Drinking Lid

An upcycled product made from recycled glass, especially if made by a family-run Fairtrade business providing income for a disadvantaged community.

Creative Environmentally-Friendly Clothing Ideas for Christmas

14. Socks That Plant Trees

By purchasing these socks you are contributing 1$ to an environmental cause (that’s 10 trees planted).

They are also made from cotton so they will last a long time and are biodegradable.

Gifts for Furry Friends

15. Dog lead and harness from recycled climbing rope

If you have any friends who love walking their dog then this could be a quirky option for them.

There are companies in the UK who build these products, or you can have a pop at making one yourself if you have any rope lying around.

16. Cat Basket

A basket can prove the perfect secluded sport for your furry little friend to curl up.

Made entirely from recycled plastic and sari fabric to form a comfortable material.

Eco-Friendly Christmas Decoration Ideas

17. Wooden Christmas tree ornaments

Wooden, unfinished ornaments and decorations are great options that can be used for a lifetime and even passed down through generations.

18. Personalised reusable table gift bag

Gift bags for the dinner table that can be altered freely to fit the individual.

19. A pair of holly trees

Adding these small trees to your home can make the space feel more festive.

20. Victorian Christmas Eco-Soya Candle

Made by hand with completely compostable materials these candles can make a good addition to someone’s home during the holidays.

21. Rosemary wreath decorations

Bind rosemary into a circle to resemble a small wreath which can be placed around the house.

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