How to Dispose of a Christmas Tree

Real chrsitmas trees

Saying goodbye to your real Christmas tree is often a melancholic moment as the holiday season winds down.

The twinkling lights and decorative ornaments that adorned it have brought joy and warmth to your home, but now it’s time to bid farewell until next year.

However, dealing with Christmas tree disposal can be a puzzle. Real trees can be messy and cumbersome to manage, and finding an environmentally responsible way to dispose of them is crucial.

This guide aims to provide comprehensive solutions for efficient and eco-friendly Christmas tree disposal, ensuring minimal effort and environmental impact.

We’ll explore various options, step-by-step guides, and tips to help you choose the best approach for your circumstances.

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Arrange a tree collection service

A tree collection service, especially popular during the post-Christmas period, is a specialised service that provides a convenient and efficient way to dispose of your Christmas tree.

Several online and local businesses offer this service, making the process of tree removal effortless and environmentally responsible.

These services are generally provided by Christmas tree sellers or waste management companies. In the UK, renowned Christmas tree vendors like and are known to not only sell Christmas trees but also offer tree collection services.

The cost associated with tree collection services can vary based on the provider and the specific terms of the service.

Some services may offer free collection if you purchased your tree from them, while others may charge a fee for collection even if you didn’t buy the tree from their establishment.

Benefits of a Christmas tree disposal service

Firstly, it saves you the hassle of transporting the tree yourself, especially if it’s large or cumbersome.

This service also promotes responsible Christmas tree disposal, ensuring that the conifers are properly recycled or repurposed. Many tree collection services participate in recycling initiatives, contributing to sustainability efforts.

Tree collection services are relatively common throughout the UK, especially in urban and suburban areas where real Christmas trees are popular. They are particularly prevalent in larger cities and towns, making it easier for residents to responsibly dispose of their Christmas trees after the holiday season.

How can I prepare the Christmas tree for disposal before it’s collected?

Before arranging a collection, it’s essential to prepare the tree by removing all decorations, lights, tinsel, and ornaments.

This ensures a clean and unobstructed tree for the collection team. Additionally, placing the tree in an accessible location, such as your front yard or driveway, streamlines the collection process.

Arranging a collection via a tree service is an excellent option for those seeking a hassle-free and eco-friendly way to part with their Christmas tree, allowing for a seamless transition from the festive season to the New Year.

Can a Christmas tree be recycled?

Yes, Christmas trees can be recycled in many ways. So you can choose an option that works best for you.

Common Christmas tree recycling methods include taking them to a recycling centre, composting and using the wood as part of a garden habitat.

1. Take It to Your Local Recycling Centre

Another environmentally responsible way to dispose of your Christmas tree is by taking it to your local recycling centre.

Recycling centres often accept Christmas trees and repurpose them into wood chips for paths or convert them into soil, reducing Christmas waste and benefiting the environment.

Step-by-Step Guide for Taking Your Tree to a Recycling Centre

  • Remove Decorations: Take off all decorations, lights, tinsel, and ornaments from the tree, ensuring it’s clean and free of any non-biodegradable materials.
  • Prepare the Tree for Transport: If necessary, cut the tree into manageable pieces to facilitate easy transportation to the recycling centre.
  • Transport to Recycling Center: Transport the tree to your local recycling centre, following their guidelines and operating hours.
  • Follow Recycling Guidelines: Adhere to the recycling centre’s specific instructions for tree disposal, ensuring you’re contributing to the recycling process effectively.

Taking your tree to a recycling centre is an eco-conscious choice that maximises the potential for repurposing the tree.

Christmas tree disposal facts & statistics UK

  • Annual Christmas Tree Disposal Rate in the UK: An estimated 6-8 million real Christmas trees are used in the UK annually, and a significant portion of these trees require disposal after the holiday season. That’s roughly 120 to 160 square km of forest lost each year to trees felled for the holidays.
  • Sales in UK vs the US: Each year, the UK sees a sale of over eight million Christmas trees, while the US surpasses this number with an estimated 25-30 million trees sold annually.
  • Recycling and Repurposing Rate: Approximately 80-85% of real Christmas trees in the UK are recycled, repurposed, or reused in some form after the holiday season.
  • Positive impact of planting Evergreen Conifers: An estimated 2.9m tonnes of topsoil is eroded in the UK due to wind and rainfall – planting tree shelterbelts around your farm lowers windspeed to help reduce that erosion.

Read our full guide for more Christmas waste statistics!

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