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Sunderland Commercial Waste Management

Sunderland used to be a city focused on shipbuilding and coal mining, but in the modern day they’ve diversified to software development and healthcare.

Home of the Mackems, the city’s rich history meets a thriving modern atmosphere, responsible and sustainable waste management is crucial for maintaining the city’s cleanliness.

We are here to support your business in maintaining a clean and sustainable environment in Sunderland.

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“Environmentally friendly waste collection and disposal services at an affordable fixed monthly price.”

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Business Waste Collection & Disposal in Sunderland

We’re different to other national waste collectors.

We will never impose charges for the delivery or rental of your business waste bins, we offer them completely for free.

This means that your business will only ever pay for the actual collection of your waste, which is just as it should be!


We collect business waste in all areas in Sunderland and the North East area, including but not limited to:


    • Ashbrooke

    • Fulwell

    • Grangetown

    • Hendon

    • Monkwearmouth

    • Roker

    • Seaburn

    • Silksworth

    • St. Peter’s

    • Ryhope

    • Barnes

    • High Barnes

    • Millfield

    • Pallion

    • Ford Estate

    • And more!


We will manage all the ins and outs of getting your commercial waste collected for your business based in Sunderland.

We offer flexibility in your contract with either weekly or fortnightly collections which can be customised to the type of waste you have.

If your business is incurring overweight charges quite often, we may suggest getting a weekly collection to save your business money.

Our waste management services in Sunderland are designed to accommodate the unique needs of your business, providing reliable and tailored solutions for responsible waste disposal.

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Commercial Waste Collection in Sunderland for: 

We’ve given fantastic support to lots of different customers in Sunderland over the years (just check out our great Trustpilot reviews!)

Based in the North East ourselves, we’re committed to providing clients in Tyne and Wear with the very best service, supplying businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Here are some examples of the types of customers who consistently find value in our cost-effective waste management services:


Restaurants, Takeaways and Cafes


Sunderland has some great places to eat within the North East, with many restaurants, takeaways, and cafes.

If you own a food-providing business, you’ll know that dealing with waste can come with its own challenges in comparison to other types of businesses!

It’s not just about general commercial waste you’ll be generating, but there’s also the task of managing lots of heavy food waste, dry mixed recycling, and sometimes glass recycling.

That’s where we’re here to help! We specialise in supporting businesses with tailored waste collection services.

We prioritise cost-effective and sustainable solutions, just get in touch to find out more!


Offices & Corporate Buildings


It’s so important for offices in Sunderland to keep clean workspaces for compliance with regulation, as well as general wellbeing of your employees!

Corporate spaces in Sunderland need to consider the business waste they’re producing (usually in the form of paper waste that may need to go in a dry mixed recycling bin, or a confidential waste bin).

However they also need to consider any waste that their employees may be generating, perhaps ordering packages to the office, disposing of the coffee cup from their morning commute or leftover food waste.

Typically, offices require a general waste bin, and a food waste bin in addition to the DMR and confidential waste bin that they might think of first.

Did you know there’s new legislation being enforced in Wales from April 2024 and subsequently, in the rest of England? Businesses producing over 5kg of food waste per week will be required to dispose of it through a segregated food waste bin.

Don’t worry, if you pick us as your waste provider we’re more than happy to explain all the ins and outs and make sure your business is completely protected.


Retail Stores


Retailers and shop owners in Sunderland have unique waste management needs that require careful attention and assistance, but don’t worry, we’re here to help!

The type of waste your shop might generate can be different based on what type of shop you own – whether it’s a grocery store, clothing outlet, electronics shop, or drugstore.

For shops in Sunderland, effective waste management is incredibly important in order to minimise the negative environmental impact your business can have.

Here at Waste Managed, we work closely with retailers in Sunderland, offering excellent waste collection services that don’t break the bank.

This ensures that your business can efficiently and safely dispose of waste, contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly operation.


Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities


In Sunderland, many manufacturers, from small startups to large national businesses, can produce not only different types of waste but different kinds dependent on what they make, sometimes including hazardous materials.

Waste Managed is here to help all kinds of businesses, especially those in the industrial sector in Sunderland, efficiently handle their commercial waste.

Our focus is to ensure safe, environmentally friendly, and compliant disposal practices without costing an arm and a leg.

You can easily reach out to us by phone or online to get a quote for your waste management needs, we’re happy to help!

Waste Types Collected in Sunderland

General Waste General waste

This is for all your non-recyclable commercial rubbish.

Dry Mixed Recycling Dry-mixed recycling

These bins are perfect for paper, cardboard, plastics, and cans.

Food Waste Food waste

Highly recommended for businesses that deal with food produce.

Glass Waste Glass waste

This includes glass beverage bottles, jars, and containers.

Clinical Waste Clinical waste

This waste includes used swabs, bandages, and chemicals.

Confidential Waste Confidential waste

Keep your sensitive data private through our shredding service.

Cardboard Waste Cardboard

Cardbaord can be put into your dry-mixed recycling bins.

Sharps Waste Sharps waste syringe

Sharps waste includes needles, knives, scalpels etc.

Sanitary Waste Sanitary waste bin

This waste includes nappies, feminine hygiene products, pads etc.

Our Sunderland waste collection process

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