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Effective waste management is crucial for businesses of all sizes, ages, and industries in Stratford.

Proper disposal ensures safe, legal, and environmentally friendly handling of your commercial waste.

We offer a comprehensive range of waste collection services, exceptional customer service, and competitive pricing to Stratford businesses.

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“Environmentally friendly waste collection and disposal services at an affordable fixed monthly price.”

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Why Choose Waste Managed for Commercial Waste Collections in Stratford

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Business Waste Collection & Disposal in Stratford

Unlike national waste collectors focused solely on profit, Waste Managed offers a different approach.

We provide bins for free – delivery and rental are on us! You only pay for the commercial waste collection itself, as it should be.

Our services cover Stratford and the surrounding Milton Keynes area, including:

  • Aston Clinton
  • Bletchley
  • Woburn Sands
  • Water Eaton
  • Great Brickhill


We tailor collections to your business needs.

Frequent waste producers or those facing overweight bin charges might benefit from weekly collections.

Conversely, businesses with less waste can save money with fortnightly pickups.

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Commercial Waste Collection in Stratford for:

Just like the diverse community of Stratford, Waste Managed works with a variety of businesses across all industries and sizes.

Here’s how we support some of the most common local business types:

  • Restaurants, Pubs & Cafes: Stratford’s vibrant food scene thrives on its many restaurants, pubs, and cafes.
    We understand the challenges of managing food waste, general waste, dry mixed recycling, and glass recycling. Waste Managed offers specialised services to ensure proper disposal and promote green recycling initiatives.


  • Offices & Professional Services: From independent solicitors to established marketing agencies, Stratford boasts a strong professional sector.
    We provide tailored waste management solutions for offices, including efficient collection and environmentally responsible disposal of paper, cardboard, general waste, and even food waste for those with cafes or catering services.


  • Shops & Boutiques: From independent boutiques to national retailers, Stratford offers a unique shopping experience. We understand the need for responsible waste management, helping shops dispose of packaging materials, excess stock, and other waste efficiently, while promoting recycling and sustainability.

Waste Types Collected in Stratford

General Waste General waste

This is for all your non-recyclable commercial rubbish.

Dry Mixed Recycling Dry-mixed recycling

These bins are perfect for paper, cardboard, plastics, and cans.

Food Waste Food waste

Highly recommended for businesses that deal with food produce.

Glass Waste Glass waste

This includes glass beverage bottles, jars, and containers.

Clinical Waste Clinical waste

This waste includes used swabs, bandages, and chemicals.

Confidential Waste Confidential waste

Keep your sensitive data private through our shredding service.

Cardboard Waste Cardboard

Cardbaord can be put into your dry-mixed recycling bins.

Sharps Waste Sharps waste syringe

Sharps waste includes needles, knives, scalpels etc.

Sanitary Waste Sanitary waste bin

This waste includes nappies, feminine hygiene products, pads etc.

Our Stratford waste collection process

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