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Nottingham Commercial Waste Management

In busy Nottingham, home of Robin Hood, where shoppers can thrive with the combination of charming, historic streets and vibrant, modern avenues, responsible waste management plays a crucial role in maintaining the city, keeping it clean and pleasant to live in.

So whether your business is situated in the heart of the Lace Market or along the thriving Radford Road, Waste Managed is committed to providing top-notch commercial waste management services in Nottingham.

Our dedicated Nottingham team of professionals with extensive knowledge of local regulations, ensure that waste is handled efficiently and responsibly.

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Business Waste Collection & Disposal in Nottingham

Other national waste collectors will charge your business for delivery and rental of your bins, but with us at Waste Managed we provide them to you, completely free of charge!

This means that your business will only ever pay for the actual collection of your commercial waste – just as it should be.


We collect in all locations in Nottingham, including:


    • Colwick

    • Hockley

    • Woodthorpe

    • Radford

    • St Ann’s

    • Hyson Green

    • Sneinton

    • Lenton

    • Wollaton

    • Sherwood

    • Hyson Green

    • Meadows

    • Carrington

    • Beeston

    • Bulwell

    • Arnold

    • West Bridgford

    • Basford

    • Dunkirk


We will collect your commercial waste from your business in Nottingham on either a weekly or fortnightly basis, completely dependent on your business preference.

If your business happens to incur overweight charges quite frequently or generates a larger volume of waste then we would most likely recommend a weekly collection schedule.

If your business tends to produce much less waste, a fortnightly collection may be preferable, saving you on your outgoings.

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Commercial Waste Collection in Nottingham for: 

We have a huge variety of customers with different businesses that we’ve supported in Nottingham and the wider East Midlands area.

We will happily work with businesses of all sizes and various industries that operate in Nottingham, but here are some examples of the most common types of customers we offer our affordable waste management services to:


Restaurants, Takeaways and Cafes


Restaurants, takeaways, cafes and other food venues play an important role in Nottingham’s vibrant culinary scene!

As a business owner or restauranteur, managing commercial waste for your restaurant, takeaway or cafe can come with its challenges; there’s general waste to consider, but also heavy food waste, dry mixed recycling and often glass recycling in addition as well.

At Waste Managed, we specialise in offering waste collection services, ensuring proper disposal of food waste and promoting green recycling initiatives every time.


Offices and Corporate Buildings


It’s critical that offices and corporate headquarters based in Nottingham maintain clean, and importantly compliant workspaces where proper waste management is a priority.

Corporate spaces need to consider the amount of waste that not only their business operations contribute to but their staff as well.

Most offices need a dry mixed recycling bin, a general waste bin, and a food waste bin.

Due to the new legislation that’s going to be enforced in Wales from April 2024, and the rest of England soon after, businesses producing over 5kg of food waste per week will have to dispose of it through a segregated food waste bin.

We at Waste Managed provide bespoke waste management solutions to all types of businesses to address their specific waste needs, including the efficient collection of waste as well as responsible disposal methods.


Retail Stores


Retailers and shop owners in Nottingham have a unique waste portfolio that needs careful consideration and support; they can also vary depending on the the shop purpose itself, from grocery, to clothing, to electronics, to drugstores.

Managing the waste generated in your shop is absolutely essential in order to reduce your environmental impact.

We work with retailers by offering you the best waste collection services, allowing your business to be able to dispose of waste efficiently and safely.


Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities


There are lots of manufacturers based in Nottingham, ranging from sole traders to SMEs, to large corporations.

These industrial businesses tend to generate a huge range of different types of waste, including hazardous waste.


Here at Waste Managed, we are specialised in assisting all types of businesses in removing their commercial waste, ensuring safe, environmentally-considerate and compliant disposal.

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Waste Types Collected in Nottingham

General Waste General waste

This is for all your non-recyclable commercial rubbish.

Dry Mixed Recycling Dry-mixed recycling

These bins are perfect for paper, cardboard, plastics, and cans.

Food Waste Food waste

Highly recommended for businesses that deal with food produce.

Glass Waste Glass waste

This includes glass beverage bottles, jars, and containers.

Clinical Waste Clinical waste

This waste includes used swabs, bandages, and chemicals.

Confidential Waste Confidential waste

Keep your sensitive data private through our shredding service.

Cardboard Waste Cardboard

Cardbaord can be put into your dry-mixed recycling bins.

Sharps Waste Sharps waste syringe

Sharps waste includes needles, knives, scalpels etc.

Sanitary Waste Sanitary waste bin

This waste includes nappies, feminine hygiene products, pads etc.

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