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Bath city centre

Bath commercial waste management

In the historic town of Bath, Waste Managed is committed to providing affordable and environmentally friendly waste management and recycling services for hundreds of local businesses in the location.

Bath, known for its stunning Georgian architecture and Roman Baths, has a vibrant commercial scene along Milsom Street and Union Street, and our services extend to these bustling areas.

The UNESCO World Heritage site hosts various businesses from shops nestled in the heart of the city on Stall Street to the restaurants lining George Street.

Whether you’re running a boutique along Walcot Street or a salon in Widcombe, Waste Managed is here to cover your waste management needs across the charming streets and districts of Bath, ensuring cleanliness and environmental responsibility for businesses of all sizes and industries.

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Business waste collection & disposal in Bath

In Bath, we take pride in delivering top-notch business waste collection services with a focus on flexibility, affordability, and environmental responsibility.

As a part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer free bins to all our Bath-based customers, ensuring a cost-effective solution where payment is only required for the collections.

What sets us apart is our transparent pricing structure – we don’t charge for excess weight, don’t bolt on any hidden fees and provide a straightforward and cost-effective waste management solution for businesses in the area.

We collect waste in all areas of Bath with key locations including:


  • Milsom Street
  • Stall Street
  • Walcot Street
  • George Street
  • Widcombe
  • Oldfield Park
  • Southgate
  • And more!


Whether you run a pub along Pulteney Bridge, a hairdressing salon in Bear Flat, or an office in the city centre, Waste Managed is here to cater to your specific waste management requirements.

You can pick from weekly or fortnightly collections depending on how much your business throws away.

Contact us to discuss your business’s waste disposal needs in Bath, and let us provide you with a reliable and environmentally responsible and low-cost solution.

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Commercial waste collection in Bath for:

We collect waste for all sorts of businesses in Bath, ranging in size and industry.

Some of the most common types of businesses we provide waste services for include:



Restaurants, Pubs, and Cafes

With the vibrant culinary scene in places like George Street and Milsom Street, restaurants and cafes benefit from our full-service waste collection options.

This includes dedicated food waste disposal, glass waste services, and general waste collection to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and maintain a clean establishment.



Retail Shops

Serving independent and high-street chain shops in the Southgate Shopping Centre and along Stall Street, our waste collection services for retail businesses cover the disposal of packaging materials, cardboard, and other waste generated during daily operations.



Hotels and Accommodations

Hotels tend to need a dedicated food waste collection service due to the kitchens, typically they also opt for glass collections for empty drinks bottles and breakfast jam jars.

The hotels we service in Bath are no different and make the most out of our full service.



Offices and Corporate Buildings

Supporting the business hub in and around the city centre, including locations like Bear Flat and Oldfield Park, our waste collection services for offices include mixed recycling solutions.

From paper and cardboard disposal to confidential shredding, we address the unique waste management requirements of offices, ensuring a clean and sustainable workplace environment.



Hairdressers and Tattoo Shops

In addition to general waste services, we assist hairdressers and tattoo shops in determining whether they require sharps or clinical waste management services, ensuring compliance with environmental disposal policies.



While these examples highlight the diversity of businesses we serve in Bath, Waste Managed is ready to accommodate a wide range of business types, including yours.

Waste types collected in Bath

General Waste General waste

This is for all your non-recyclable commercial rubbish.

Dry Mixed Recycling Dry-mixed recycling

These bins are perfect for paper, cardboard, plastics, and cans.

Food Waste Food waste

Highly recommended for businesses that deal with food produce.

Glass Waste Glass waste

This includes glass beverage bottles, jars, and containers.

Clinical Waste Clinical waste

This waste includes used swabs, bandages, and chemicals.

Confidential Waste Confidential waste

Keep your sensitive data private through our shredding service.

Cardboard Waste Cardboard

Cardbaord can be put into your dry-mixed recycling bins.

Sharps Waste Sharps waste syringe

Sharps waste includes needles, knives, scalpels etc.

Sanitary Waste Sanitary waste bin

This waste includes nappies, feminine hygiene products, pads etc.

Our Bath waste collection process

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At Waste Managed, we provide commercial waste collections for over 30,000 businesses across the UK.

We support over 325 businesses in Bath with their waste management; providing general, recycling, food, glass, and clinical waste disposal.


Here’s what we offer:


  • Free bins
  • Free bin delivery
  • Easy access to all your account information and collection status on our customer portal
  • A first-class customer experience team with dedicated account management
  • Reliable and affordable waste collection
  • Options for fixed monthly billing (with no excess weight charges)
  • Long-term contract discounts


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