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We provide a range of types and sizes of commercial bins for your business waste. To compare the market and get the best quote for your bin collections fill in our 1 minute quote form.

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Commercial bins

In order to ensure that your business is properly having its waste managed it’s integral that you have the correct bins for your company’s needs.

Most UK businesses will require general waste and recycling waste collections in order to operate and, therefore, will need at least one commercial bin for each of these types of rubbish.

The reason you’ll need one for each and can’t mix your general and recycling waste is because it’s illegal to do so in the UK.

If you’re putting your paper and cardboard into the same bin as your food scrapings, for example, you are breaking the law and your company can be fined.

Separating your business waste into separate commercial bins will also massively help out the environment because now your paper and cardboard can be successfully recycled. So make sure you have the right bins for your rubbish.

Types and sizes of business wheelie bins

Types of bins

We provide a range of sizes and options for your commercial bins. If you’re not sure which bins you need for your company then don’t hesitate to contact our team or fill in our rapid quote form where an expert can get in touch to discuss the best options for you.

1100 litre commercial bin

The biggest bin size available is the 1100 Litre Wheelie Bin. This bin can fit up to 15-18 bags and has a maximum weight allowance of 70kg. This can be used for general waste, recycling, and food typically.

Remember – a minimum of one bin per waste type.

660 litre waste bin

The 660 Litre Wheelie Bin can fit around 10-12 bags before it’s full. This equates to around 42kg. Like the 1100 Litre bin this container can be used for general waste, recycling, or food waste.

This is ideal for smaller businesses that don’t produce too much waste each week. Or if you find that if you produce more of one waste type than the other then this slightly smaller commercial bin is a great fit.

For example, if you throw away twice the amount of general waste than recycling then a 1100 for general and 660 for recycling is ideal.

240 litre wheelie bin

The 240 Litre Wheelie Bin can fit around 4-5 bags before it’s full. This is around 15kg. This business bin is a great additional bin for companies who produce a lot of general waste, recycling, food, or clinical waste.

Or for companies who don’t produce too much rubbish. This bin can also be used for glass waste (but you should not use bin bags in this case).

17.5 litre commercial bin

The 17.5 Litre Waste Bin fits 1 bag which is around 4kg. This bin is a very small bin and is kept inside your business premises. It’s likely that you’ll need multiple of these.

They’re great for office waste, or clinical waste/sharps waste (although you’ll need a special type of small bin)

Do I need multiple types of bins?

Yes. You’ll need at least one bin per waste type that your business produces. If you’re a restaurant for example. A common combination of commercial bins includes: 

If your business handles more specialist rubbish such as clinical waste then you’ll may also need special bin bags and lockable business bins – especially if you need sharps waste disposal services.

If this is your business, then don’t hesitate to contact our team or fill in our 1 minute quote form. 

Even if you don’t see clinical or sharps waste as an option on the form just simply select the ‘unsure/other’ option on the form. We do collect this waste but need a quick conversation with you to make sure you’re getting the right bin for your needs.

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Do I need to buy my own commercial bins?

No, but you can if you’d like to (although this is rare).

Some waste management companies may ask you to buy your business waste bins outright which can be quite expensive.

Of course, you can go out and get your own bins online and for small waste containers you need dotted around the office or under the bar if you’re a restaurant for instance this is recommended.

However, when it comes to your bigger trade bins such as the 1100, 660, or 240 litre wheelie bins then it’s recommended that you use the ones provided by your waste management servicer (if they do indeed offer them). This makes things easier for everyone involved.

At WasteManaged, we provide waste containers for over 20,000 customers across the UK. To get your bins delivered and collected on an agreed schedule then fill in our rapid quote form today.

How to look after your commercial wheelie bins

When it comes to looking after your commercial bins there are some best practices you should try to stick to.

This is so you can ensure your bins are always collected on time and you don’t get charged any excess weight charges or failed pickup fees by your waste collector (although if you use WasteManaged, customers will never be charged additional fees like this).

Overweight bins

When you know your bins are nearly full you should monitor how full they are. If you can’t close the lid of your wheelie bin then there’s a good chance that your bin is overweight and you may be charged accordingly.

Try to let staff know to not throw bin bags on top of your container if this is the case. With recycling cardboard, have your employees fold and squash the material down to make more room.

Inaccessible bins

On your collection days, you need to make sure that your business bins can be accessed by your waste collector. Remember to unlock your bin storage space (if you have one) or provide the code to your collector.

Or move your bins into the dedicated pickup spot – similar to how you would take your ‘bins out’ on collection day for your household wheelie bins.

Dirty bins

It’s the business owner’s responsibility to ensure that your bins are somewhat clean.

We don’t mean all glossy and squeaky clean but just that they are occasionally rinsed out with soapy water and a hose so that they don’t begin to smell or attract vermin.

The last thing you want is a rat infestation. This is particularly important for businesses that have a food waste commercial bin collection service.

Cross-contaminated bins

You should make sure that the correct type of waste is discarded in the correct bin. You can’t allow for your food waste to mix with your glass waste for instance.

So make sure you’re reminding staff and clearly labelling your business bins so this doesn’t happen. 

If your waste service collector arrives on your site and sees that your bins are cross-contaminated they may either refuse to collect your waste or will charge you accordingly.

Storing your commercial bins

Having your business bins stored away from the public in either a fenced-off area lockable area or just away from the public and your staff is very important.

This is especially true if your business produces potentially dangerous waste such as clinical waste or sharps waste.

How can I get my business bins collected?

It’s actually very easy to get started with your business bin collections in the UK. The first step is to fill out our rapid quote form which takes under 60 seconds.

Your answers to this form will give us enough information for us to start generating a tailored quote for your commercial waste needs. No matter if you require construction bins or wheeled waste bins.

Following this, an expert friendly member of our team will be in touch to get your waste collections sorted (this includes delivery of your bins).

  • We DO NOT charge excess weight fees or include any other hidden charges on your invoices 
  • We provide a fixed monthly price for your services which will not fluctuate – we’re the only UK company to do this
  • We offer unrivalled customer support to make sure you’re always getting a service you love

Get your commercial bins collected by us today by filling in our 1 minute quote form.

We service areas all over the UK such as Selby, Hull, Newcastle, Leicester, York, Oxford and London.

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