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240 Litre Wheelie Bin – Business Bin Delivery and Collection

240 litre wheelie bins

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Every 240 litre wheelie bin is completely free and is delivered for free to your site as part of your ongoing business waste collections with us.

The 240L is perfect for glass or food waste but can be used as an additional commercial bin for your general or recycling or if your business doesn’t throw too much away.

Get set up with your waste collections and receive your free bin!

240L wheelie bin dimensions

The dimensions of a 240L wheelie bin are 1.08m in height, 0.58m in width, and 0.72m in depth. Each bin has a capacity of 240 litres, and the weight limit varies based on the type of waste being stored.

240 litre wheelie bin dimensions

How many bags fit in a 240L bin?

A 240 litre wheelie bin can hold up to four or five full rubbish bags. This makes it a great option for businesses that don’t generate a lot of waste.

For food, glass, and dry-mixed recycling you should not use bin bags.

What waste can go in a 240L business bin?

You can put most types of waste into a 240L commercial bin as long as each bin only holds 1 type of waste. You can’t mix your waste streams.

Waste allowed in 240l wheelie bins:

  • General
  • Recycling
  • Food
  • Glass
  • Clinical (locked lid)
wheelie bin waste types

240 litre wheelie bin price

Our 240L bins are completely free for businesses who get their waste collected by us and we’ll even deliver them for free too!

At WasteManaged, we never charge for bin rental.

Get started with your waste collections and get your bins for free!

Weight allowances for 240L rubbish bins

Weight limits for a 240 litre bin vary based on the waste type. The weight limits are:

  • 10kg for general waste and dry mixed recycling
  • 50kg for glass waste
  • 80kg for food waste

Remember to only use bin bags for general waste.

How often can I get my 240 litre wheelie bin collected?

You can choose to have your commercial waste collected weekly or fortnightly, depending on your needs and the amount of waste generated.

WasteManaged offers affordable and reliable collection services for 240 litre bins all over the UK.

What if I need a bigger bin?

If your business produces more waste than a 240 litre bin can handle, we offer two larger options: 660 litre and 1100 litre wheelie bins. Get a quote online to determine the right bin size for your business.

660l and 1100l wheelie bin

Why use WasteManaged for bin delivery and collection?

  • Free bins with no charge for delivery (you only pay for collections)
  • Compact design to fit through standard doors, corridors, and walkways
  • Available in different colors for easy waste separation
  • Suitable for all commercial waste types

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