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WasteManaged work with building sites to collect general waste & mixed recycling.

At present we aren’t handling builder’s & construction waste materials such as rubble or demolition refuse.

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National vs local waste management companies in construction

Deciding on whether to go local or national will have an impact on the final cost of the service. As independent companies have fewer sites, the increased travel time to customer locations will also drive costs up. 

Weight of Rubbish or Waste

Overweight bins can drive prices up as collectors may need to use specialist equipment, spend more time completing the task or even be close to capacity limitations. 

How much waste do you need to get rid of?

The amount of waste is going to be one of the most important factors. 

It’s important to remember that more weight may result in more time required to perform the removal or even more collectors to complete the construction weight removal. Keep this in mind as it could increase the overall cost of the service.

construction waste management

What type of rubbish falls under waste management in construction?

If you are uncertain about how much waste you will need to have removed, you may get in touch with us and we can perform an audit to see what your requirements are and make sure you don’t subscribe to a construction waste management plan that is overpriced. 

Another major factor to take into account would be what you are regularly disposing of. Some items are best separated into specific bins to avoid cross-contamination and reduce the number of removals required.

In the case that your waste needs to be specially handled – this could be asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls, lead paint, ozone-depleting substances, or silica  – then a specialist is required to handle the materials due to how they must be disposed of.

Can I dispose of building waste by myself?

Disposing of construction waste isn’t always a simple matter. In order to conduct building waste removal, robust materials and equipment are essential to eliminate the risks that can be encountered with the job.

Having an inexperienced or ill-equipped worker conduct the task could put them at great risk and is more uneconomical than following a professional construction waste management plan.
Fortunately, it’s not difficult or time-consuming to get up and running.

Recycling building waste materials

“Though in England and Wales over 90% of this is recovered mainly for use as aggregate. However, five million tonnes of construction and demolition waste still finds its way to landfill.” according to the UK government.

Construction materials have high recovery rates due to their high demand. We take pride in offering cost-effective ways off conducting building waste removal. Our professionals can advise on how best to separate your waste types into separate bins which meet regulations, which means less collections required and lower fees for you. 

Compliance. Businesses are still responsible for their trash even after it has left the premises.

Common types of construction waste removal for recycling:

  • Plastic
  • Glass
  • General
  • Food
  • Mixed recycling

Companies who demonstrate their care in recycling build stronger relationships with customers and partners. 

Recycling construction waste materials

Waste classification

No matter what building waste removal method you use, before the decision is made, all rubbish must be categorised in accordance with the ‘Waste (England & Wales) Regulations’.
You should consider the following.

A review of where the waste originated from must be completed.

In the case of soil excavation this would determine whether the mass is clean, inert (green belt), or potentially contaminated.

When the material has been classified, a European Waste Code (EWC) can be applied to the waste.

How can we help with waste management in construction?

Professional building waste collection is important for any construction site. It’s necessary for the safety of the environment and employees, as well as for the legal compliance of the business.

The cost of construction waste removal can be expensive, but it is worth it in order to avoid fines and other penalties, or worse. We understand that managing the storage and removal of waste can be an unwanted distraction for your business. That’s why we have perfected our waste management in construction service to be reliable and in compliance with waste disposal regulations. 

If waste materials aren’t disposed of properly, this can have big consequences for humans, animals, and the environment. In addition, we make sure that no dirt is left behind around the premises, ensuring that the appearance of your business is not hampered by garbage bags. 

That way you can keep the property and the environment as clean as possible. In addition, we ensure proper separation, which reduces your chances of a fine. 

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