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Which Countries Make Santa’s Recycling Naughty List?

Santas recycling naughty list of countries

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Who makes the recycling naughty list?

As the jolly man in red makes his way around the world delivering presents to good boys and girls, it’s important to remember the impact our actions have on the environment.

While many countries have made strides in increasing their recycling rates, there are still some that lag behind. These countries, unfortunately, find themselves on Santa’s Recycling Naughty List.

RankCountryRecycling Rate
1Flag: Germany on Apple iOS 15.4 Germany67.1%
2Flag: South Korea on Apple iOS 15.4 South Korea59.7%
3Flag: Austria on Apple iOS 15.4 Austria59%
4Flag: Netherlands on Apple iOS 15.4 Netherlands56.8%
5Flag: Italy on Apple iOS 15.4 Italy55.4%
6Flag: Belgium on Apple iOS 15.4 Belgium54.2%
7Flag: Denmark on Apple iOS 15.4 Denmark53.9%
8Flag: Luxembourg on Apple iOS 15.4 Luxembourg52.9%
9Flag: Switzerland on Apple iOS 15.4 Switzerland52.8%
10Flag: Lithuania on Apple iOS 15.4 Lithuania50.9%
11Flag: Norway on Apple iOS 15.4 Norway45%
12Flag: Australia on Apple iOS 15.4 Australia44.4%
13Flag: United Kingdom on Apple iOS 15.4 United Kingdom42.9%
14Flag: France on Apple iOS 15.4 France42.7%
15Flag: Slovakia on Apple iOS 15.4 Slovakia42.3%
16Flag: Finland on Apple iOS 15.4 Finland41.6%
17Flag: Latvia on Apple iOS 15.4 Latvia41.6%
18Flag: Poland on Apple iOS 15.4 Poland38.7%
19Flag: Sweden on Apple iOS 15.4 Sweden38.6%
20Flag: Ireland on Apple iOS 15.4 Ireland38%
21Flag: Spain on Apple iOS 15.4 Spain36.4%
22Flag: Czechia on Apple iOS 15.4 Czechia34.7%
23Flag: Estonia on Apple iOS 15.4 Estonia33.4%
24Flag: Hungary on Apple iOS 15.4 Hungary33%
25Flag: United States on Apple iOS 15.4 United States32.1%
26Flag: Portugal on Apple iOS 15.4 Portugal27.6%
27Flag: Iceland on Apple iOS 15.4 Iceland27.6%
28Flag: Canada on Apple iOS 15.4 Canada27.6%
29Flag: Greece on Apple iOS 15.4 Greece21%
30Flag: Israel on Apple iOS 15.4 Israel20.7%
31Flag: Japan on Apple iOS 15.4 Japan19.6%
32Flag: Turkey on Apple iOS 15.4 Turkey12.3%
33Flag: Costa Rica on Apple iOS 15.4 Costa Rica6.1%
34Flag: Chile on Apple iOS 15.4 Chile0.5%

According to data gathered by Statista, the countries with the lowest recycling rates are Chile, Costa Rica, and Turkey, with rates of only 0.5%, 6.1%, and 12.3% respectively.

This is concerning, as recycling plays a crucial role in reducing waste and conserving natural resources. And, the alternative, landfills are terrible for the environment.

On the other hand, some countries have impressive recycling rates. Germany, for example, has a recycling rate of 67.1%, making them a shining star on Santa’s Recycling Nice List.

Other countries that have earned a spot on the nice list include South Korea, Austria, and The Netherlands, with recycling rates of 59.7%, 59%, and 56.8% respectively.

Disappointingly, the UK is still under a 50% recycling rate at 42.9%. But with Britain targeting 50% by 2025, it’s arguably on track. But getting to 70% by 2030 might prove to be a challenge.

Christmas recycling symbol

It’s important to note that increasing recycling rates isn’t just good for the environment, it’s also good for the economy.

Recycling creates jobs and helps to reduce the demand for raw materials, which can save money and resources in the long run.

So, as we gather with our loved ones this holiday season, let’s not forget the importance of recycling. Let’s strive to make sure our countries don’t end up on Santa’s Recycling Naughty List, and instead, work towards a more sustainable future for all. Happy holidays!

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