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Ahoy there, business owners of Plymouth! Are you looking for ways to make your company more sustainable and environmentally friendly? Look no further for waste removal Plymouth.

We provide waste collections in and around the vibrant waterfront city of Plymouth to businesses of all sizes. All of our our professional waste disposal handlers are fully complient with waste collection regulations and we ensure that all refuse is processed, treated and recycled using the most innovative and environmentally friendly methods available.

As we have been operating in the area for many years now we have come to be strongly invested in local enterprise and conservation. WasteManaged want to help all locals find the most affordable and efficient waste removal Plymouth service they can receive.

We don’t charge for our bin rentals and all waste disposal units come with secure and lockable lids.

Where can I get cheap waste removal Plymouth?

With a vast network of collectors in the area we can offer flexible scheduling on Plymouth waste removals at sites along our following routes: Plymouth, Liskeard, Milehouse, Efford, Pomphlett, Plymstock, Wembury, Plympton, Southway, Saltash and Millbrook.

How to stay complient when handling waste in Plymouth

We guarantee waste collections which follow rules and regulations set by the EPA. All of our waste removal experts in Plyouth have gone through training to ensure they follow our procedures.

Rest assured that all waste materials are handled with the proper care when being transported to treatment centres for processing, recycling and desctruction.

You will receive guidance on how to properly store and handle waste for removal at your site to protect yourself and your staff from any unwanted circumstances legal or otherwise.

Feel free to read our blog on waste regulations in the UK if you’d like to learn more.

Or for more guidance on cheap waste removal Plymouth you can contact one of our advisors on 0333 009 8209.

Which sectors do we specialise in?

As we mentioned. We are heavily invested in businesses of all sizes in and around Plymouth for waste management. It doesn’t matter if you need pub recycling in Liskeard, food waste collections in Saltash, Glass recycling in Plymstock. We’ll be there to help you find an affordable plan for your business bin collections that won’t stretch the bank.

A lot of our clients are involved in the following:

  • Bars
  • Bakers
  • Cafes
  • Salons
  • Hairdressers
  • Tattoo Studios
  • Medical centres
  • Gyms
  • Fitters
  • Tailor shops
  • Newsagents
  • Offices

Find more info about our cheap waste removal Plymouth services here.

How long do I have to wait until I get a bin?

Ususally it will take at least one day before we can have a bin prepared to be sent out to you as we will have to perform quality assurance checks before it can be loaded. A handler will also have to shedule a delivery time that you can agree to to receive the waste colletion bin.

Before the bin can be delivered we will need you to tell us:

  1. The site address.
  2. Quantity of waste per month
  3. Quantity of collections per month.
  4. How many different types of waste you are producing so that we may select the appropriate service (e.g., pub recycling collections Plymouth, Business waste collections Plymouth, glass recycling bins Liskeard, Waste removal Plymouth).

Plymouth port and riverside by WasteManaged.

Plymouth Waste Removals – The waste bin size guide

240L Waste Bin

The 240l bin can hold 3-4 bags and would be an ideal choice for smaller businesses such as hairdressers, nail salons, small offices and jewelry shops. You can easily arrange cheap waste removal Plymouth by making use of bins for multiple waste types to bring down the number of waste collections.

WasteManaged offer units that are secure and lockable so you need not worry about fly-tipping or pests.


Width: 110cm

Height: 150cm

Waste removal plymouth. The 240l waste bin.

1100L Waste Bin

The largest container that we offer, the 1100L waste removal bin is perfect for any sites with larger rubbish outputs. This unit can store over 16 bags and can allow sites to greatly reduce the number of collections required by storing the material for longer (unless the waste is degradable).


Depth: 89cm

Width: 69cm

Height: 120cm


Advice for reducing the cost of Plymouth waste removals

  1. Consider the waste output you will be generating: If you already have another site operating you can use that as a guide for the amount of waste you will likely produce. Alternatively, you may consult with a a friend or another business of similar size within your industry. You’d be surprised how many business owners you’d consider a competitor will be willing to offer stories of their experiences that you can learn from.
  2. Compare plans: There are a number of waste management companies that offer Plymouth waste removals. Try asking about which waste management plans they have available. Compare as many options as you can to reuce the amount of Plymouth waste removals you will require.
  3. Negotiate when you can: Shy kids get nothing. Don’t be affraid to negotiate with a waste management collector when agreeing the fee for collections. We can offer a range of options for cheap waste removal Plymouth to find a service that meets your budget.
  4. RRR: Recycle as much waste as you can. This could be done on site by taking packaging from items which have been delivered and using that packaging as storage or again to package and send an item.
  5. Process waste yourself: For this one we advise doing your homework first to avoid any issues. If you have the time and energy you could consider looking into composting or an anaerobic digestor, reducing the number of Plymouth waste removals you will require. To be completely honest, converting food waste to energy is not very efficient on a smaller scale. It is improving however and soon we may be running our cars on gran’s leftovers fro the weekend.
  6. Shared bins: In some cases, smaller sites may choose to share a bin with a neighbor. Of course you would want to agree this first in writing to avoid any surprises.

If you go through each of the stages you should be able to reduce the cost of your Plymouth waste removals and collections.

What services are available for Plymouth waste removals?

We offer a multitude of waste collection services for the Plymouth area:

Plymouth waste removal

  • Commercial Waste Removal Services: These services cater to businesses, offices, and commercial properties and include daily, weekly or bi-weekly pickups for their trash, recycling, and other waste removal needs in and around Plymouth.
  • Hazardous Waste Removal Plymouth Services: These services handle the safe removal and disposal of hazardous materials such as chemicals, medical waste, and electronic waste.
  • Construction Waste Removal Services: These services cater to construction sites and handle the removal of construction debris such as wood, concrete, and metal.
  • Free Bin Rental Services: These services provide rental of dumpsters in various sizes for homeowners, businesses, and construction sites to dispose of their waste. We don’t charge for bin rentals in our cheap waste removal Plymouth service.
  • Junk Removal Services: These services specialize in removing large or bulky items such as furniture, appliances, and other unwanted items.
  • Recycling Services: These services provide recycling options for businesses, households, and construction sites in Plymouth.
  • Medical Waste Removal Plymouth Services: These services provide specialized removal and disposal of medical waste such as sharps and biohazardous materials.

Plymouth port.

Business waste collections Plymouth

Waste collection services for businesses, pubs, restaurants, and small businesses are crucial for maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. In the UK, businesses are required by law to properly manage their waste and dispose of it in a responsible manner. Here are some of the waste removal Plymouth services available for businesses in the UK:

  1. Cheap General Waste Collection: This service is for businesses that produce non-recyclable waste, such as food waste, plastic packaging, and paper towels. General cheap waste removal Plymouth is usually collected on a weekly or fortnightly basis, depending on the amount of waste produced.
  2. Plymouth Recycling Collection: Recycling collection services are available for businesses that produce recyclable waste, such as paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic bottles. The collected recyclables are sorted and processed for further use.
  3. Affordable Plymouth Food Waste Collection: Food waste collection services are available for businesses that produce a large amount of food waste, such as restaurants and pubs. The cheap waste removal Plymouth package will often ensure the collected food waste is taken to a local anaerobic digestion facility, where it is converted into energy and fertiliser.
  4. Cheap Hazardous Waste Collection: This service is for businesses that produce hazardous waste, such as chemicals, batteries, and fluorescent tubes. Hazardous waste must be collected and disposed of in accordance with the regulations set by the Environmental Agency.
  5. The Best Plymouth Confidential Waste Collection: Confidential waste collection services are available for businesses that produce confidential documents, such as financial statements and personal information. Waste removal Plymouth operations will ensure all collected waste is securely shredded and disposed of to ensure confidentiality.

Plymouth port and waste management.

Glass recycling Plymouth

By recycling your business’s glass waste, you can help to reduce your impact on the environment and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability.

So, don’t be a landlubber – set sail on the glass recycling ship and do your part for a cleaner, greener Plymouth!

Plymouth waste collection and recycling centres

EMR waste removal Plymouth (scrap metal waste collections)

Faraday Rd, Plymouth PL4 0ST

SWM and Waste Recycling ltd

Walls End Industrial Estate, Cattedown Rd, Plymouth PL4 0RW

MRM Recycling Plymouth

Unit 1 Laira Battery, Military Rd, Efford PL3 6EQ

How can I get signed up for waste removals in Plymouth

Our waste removal experts can get to your site if you are located in the heart of Plymouth or even if you are in the surrounding areas such as Southway, Embury or Efford. We can reach you.

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