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Waste Management For Small Businesses (UK) 2023

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This guide will explain everything you need to know about Waste Management in the UK. To compare the market and get the best quote for your waste collections fill in our 1-minute quote form.

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What is waste management?

Waste Management is a fancy word to describe what is essentially a simple thing. It’s the process of storing, collecting, and disposing of rubbish businesses produce.

If, for example, you’re a restaurant owner, your business will frequently be throwing away all sorts into your bins.

Mainly you’ll be discarding leftover food, glass bottles, blue roll, used napkins, and sanitary waste (toilet bins – e.g. nappies).

Now, it would be serious mismanagement if you were to allow all this waste your restaurant produces to pile up.

It would not only potentially endanger your customers and staff but, more to the point, no one would want to eat there and soon you’ll be forced to close. Not good news!

How the waste management process works from start to finish

But, that’s where waste management comes in.

If done properly, you’ll have the correct bins for all the types of waste your company produces, you’ll put your rubbish temporarily into these containers, and then these bins will be picked up and emptied into trucks by your bin collector, they’ll then make sure it’s all disposed of safely on your behalf.

WasteManaged PR BANNER

The graphic above should give you the gist of it. It’s all fairly simple but is often something new business owners overlook or forget about. Making sure you’ve got your waste management sorted is very important for your company.

If you need help getting your commercial waste collected then contact us today or fill in our 1-minute quote form.

Why do UK businesses need waste management?

By law, UK companies must safely dispose of their waste by either legally registering for a Waste Transfer license so they can do it themselves, or by using a waste management service. 

Using a waste collection service is by far the more popular choice. That’s because you don’t need to jump through loads of regulations and legal compliance or buy the vehicles and containers needed to dispose of the waste yourself. They can do it all for you.

It’s much easier and simpler to use a company like ourselves which collect waste for over 25,000 companies across the UK. Get in touch today to get your waste managed.

What are the UK waste disposal laws and regulations?

The Environmental Protection Act states that UK businesses have a duty to make sure that all the waste the company produces is handled safely within the law.

There’s a load of laws and regulations about waste which you can find online or through government resources. 

But if like the vast majority of businesses you’re not too bothered about the details and just want to get your bins collected on time, legally, and can feel confident that you are keeping within the law then we highly recommend you use a reputable waste service provider. They’ll sort all your waste disposal requirements.

What types of Waste Management services are there?

Getting a waste collection service tailored for your business needs is actually not too difficult. You just need to know the following things: 

  1. What kind of waste will you produce 
  2. How often you will need collections (weekly, fortnightly etc)

Once you know this you can have a package catered for your needs and your business bins will be all taken care of. Most waste services will also provide you with the specific bins you need for your waste types.

Common collection services are for:

  • General waste – for any waste which can’t be recycled but is not any of the other types of waste below
  • Mixed recycling – for dry recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, or certain plastics
  • Glass waste – for glass bottles, jars, broken windows panes etc
  • Food waste – for food scrapings, uneaten leftovers, small bones, packaging with food residue
  • Clinical waste – for medical product waste like used bandages, syringes, tattoo needles etc
  • Hazardous waste – for dangerous chemicals which might be corrosive or toxic

We collect all the waste types listed above and can provide you with a custom package perfect for your business. Fill out our 1-minute form today and get a quote.

How do I start getting bin collections for my business?

The short answer is you can simply fill out our form to get your waste management needs sorted today. 

We compare the best service options for your business, get you a quote and contract and have your waste collected whenever you’re ready.

But if you’re not sure what kind of waste collections you will need or how often then don’t worry! It’s really common for new business owners to not be entirely sure of what they need to have their waste collected properly.

If you’re unsure, then just tick the ‘other/unsure’ option on our form and we’ll be able to advise you.

Quote form screenshot

Alternatively, you can conduct a waste audit. This is basically where you monitor how much and what type of waste your business produces over say a 1-2 week period. This will give you the most accurate idea of what kind of waste service you need.

However, a waste audit isn’t a necessity. We have an expert team and collect bins for over 20,000 customers across the UK so we know roughly what you’ll need and can advise you accordingly.

What happens to my business waste?

Unfortunately, around 90% of commercial waste ends up in landfill where it is buried and left to decompose over decades. This is a serious problem which negatively impacts the environment and is something we should all actively try to avoid.

90% of rubbish is sent to landfill

Being green is something not only you might appreciate but your staff and customers will too. That’s why we make sure we are recycling as much of the business waste we collect as we possibly can.

We make sure your company waste is managed properly and sent to the correct treatment facility so it can either be recycled or burnt for energy.

Sites that process waste in the United Kingdom

Tawmix recycling
Unit 2 Winkleigh Airfield, Winkleigh EX19 8DR

Western riverside recycling facility UK
Smugglers Way, London SW18 1JS

Barton Recycling Facility United Kingom
Barton-upon-Humber DN18 5RG

Smelting facility in Lynemouth
Lynemouth, Northumberland, North East England.

What Waste Managed offer

Not only are we a fully licensed waste carrier but we also provide fixed billing for all our waste management services. This means that, unlike other collectors, we will provide a set price for your bin collections.

This means NO excess weight charges and no surprise invoices ever. You can easily budget for your waste services and know exactly how much you’re spending each month. 

Other providers simply can’t offer this clarity as we’re the only fixed-price collector in the UK. That’s why we’re loved by thousands of businesses and score a 4.5 Trust Pilot score.

To get a quote or advice for waste management then fill out our rapid quote form here.

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