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WasteManaged are partnered with over 230 local businesses in Wolverhampton to strive towards a more sustainable refuse processing system.

We provide free bin rentals for units in the following sizes: 240l, 360l, 660l, 1100l, FEL Bins.

We collect general waste, mixed recycling, glass, cardboard, food, sharps, clinical & more.

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Your Partner in Responsible Waste Management

Are you looking for a reliable waste management partner in Wolverhampton?

Look no further than Waste Managed!

Our mission is to provide seamless and sustainable waste collection solutions for businesses like yours.

We take pride in offering comprehensive services that keep your premises clean, clutter-free, and environmentally conscious.

Mixed recycling collections

WasteManaged provide businesses in Wolverhampton with free bins to encourage higher recycling rates from our clients and in turn reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill.

Recycling Rate: Wolverhampton has been working to improve its recycling rates over the years. As of a few years ago, the city’s recycling rate was around 35-40%, indicating efforts to divert a significant portion of waste from landfills.

Keeping wolverhamptons streets clean of rubbish in snow

Wheelie Bins for Effortless Collections

Say goodbye to waste collection hassles with our free wheelie bin service.

Waste Managed provides you with convenient wheelie bins that make waste disposal a breeze. Our collection services are designed to facilitate quick and easy collections, ensuring that your business area remains tidy and organised.

Customised Waste Management Strategies for Wolverhampton

Waste Managed understands that every business has unique waste management needs.

That’s why we offer a complimentary waste audit to develop tailored waste management strategies.

Our expert team looks over your waste composition and volume, allowing us to suggest efficient and sustainable disposal methods that align with regulatory standards.

Efficient Waste Management Collection Routes Across Wolverhampton

Our expertise in waste management is reflected in our well-established collection routes spanning Wolverhampton and its surroundings.

From Dudley to the M54, and beyond the M6 toward Walsall, Waste Managed covers a wide area. Our collections also extend into neighboring Birmingham.

By choosing Waste Managed, you’re opting for regular and dependable waste collections that keep your business running smoothly.

Free Bin Rentals for Your Site

When you have larger waste removal requirements or small, WasteManaged has you covered with our bin hire services.

Our team assists you in selecting the appropriate bin size and handles all logistical aspects, ensuring a hassle-free waste removal process.

Types of waste

Contact Waste Managed Today

Ready to take control of your waste management? Waste Managed is here to help.

Reach out to us today to discuss your waste collection requirements.

Our commitment to exceptional service, combined with a focus on environmental responsibility, ensures that your waste disposal needs are met efficiently and sustainably.

Join the Waste Managed family of satisfied clients in Wolverhampton and beyond.

Let’s work together to manage your waste effectively, allowing you to concentrate on what truly matters – your business.

Contact us now to schedule your waste audit and embark on a journey toward better waste management.

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For General Waste, Glass, Hazardous, Recycling (Dry Mixed), Clinical, Food Waste, Covid Test & PPE Disposal