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Waste Management Plymouth

Plymouth, a vibrant city located on the south coast of England, is known for its rich maritime heritage and stunning natural landscapes.
The local business landscape in Plymouth is diverse, with a mix of both large corporations and thriving small and medium-sized enterprises.
The city boasts a range of businesses, including retail stores, restaurants, technology firms, manufacturing companies, and creative enterprises.
Like any urban area, Plymouth faces waste management challenges. The types of waste produced in the city vary from commercial and industrial waste to household waste.
Common waste streams include plastics, packaging materials, food waste, and electronic waste.
Waste collections in and around Plymouth often encounter issues such as inadequate recycling scheduling, improper disposal practices, and the need for increased awareness and education around waste reduction and recycling.

We are making efforts to improve our own waste management practices and promote sustainability in the region.

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What types of commercial waste & recycling do we collect in Plymouth?

Where do we provide waste management & commercial recycling services near Plymouth?

We understand that waste management services can pose unique challenges in certain locations across Plymouth.

Whether you are situated on narrow country roads, located in the bustling city center, or have a restricted entrance, we have the expertise to tackle these hard-to-reach places.

Our team has extensive experience in providing waste management solutions in even the most difficult-to-access areas.

We have honed our skills in maneuvering through challenging terrains and overcoming logistical obstacles, ensuring that your waste collections are carried out seamlessly.

To better assist you, we offer comprehensive guidance throughout the process, recommending suitable locations for bin placement on collection days.

This ensures that our waste management services are not only efficient but also hassle-free for your business.

We proudly offer commercial waste collections in various locations near Plymouth. Here are twelve areas where our services are readily available:

  1. City Center Business District
  2. Barbican
  3. The Hoe
  4. Mutley Plain
  5. Devonport
  6. Derriford
  7. Plympton
  8. Plymstock
  9. Crownhill
  10. Estover
  11. Plymbridge Woods
  12. Roborough

With multiple routes running every week, we can tailor our services to your convenience.

Our flexible scheduling allows us to arrange bin lifts on days that suit your specific requirements, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and let us help you achieve efficient waste disposal in even the most challenging settings.

Why choose us for waste management in Plymouth?

We currently have over 25,000 customers located throughout the UK who trust us with their waste management services.

Our customer service team are trained to handle unexpected scenarios and can resolve any issues with your bin collections, scheduling & more.
We provide the option to manage your account over the phone via email or by our online portal (to be launched in 2023).

Waste managed Plymouth keeping our streets clean

What size bins can we provide?

We can offer bins in the following sizes for most waste types, see our commercial bins guide for further information.

Commercial bin sizes:





FEL bins

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How often can I have my business waste collected in PL1?

We can collect wast as often as required. In general, our customers schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly collections for their waste in Plymouth.

Collection dates and times will depend on a number of factors such as location, frequency of collections and the type of waste being collected?

Waste management statistics Plymouth

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  1. Recycling rate: As of 2020, Plymouth had a recycling rate of approximately 41%. This means that 41% of the waste generated in the city was recycled, while the remaining portion was sent to landfill or other disposal methods.
  2. Landfill capacity: The Chelson Meadow landfill site in Plymouth had an estimated capacity of around 5 million cubic meters. It served as the main landfill for household waste in the area.
  3. Waste generation: In 2019, Plymouth generated approximately 167,000 tonnes of household waste. This includes waste collected from residential areas.
  4. Food waste: Food waste is a significant component of municipal solid waste. In 2019, it was estimated that Plymouth produced around 23,000 tonnes of food waste.
  5. Green waste: Plymouth promotes green waste recycling, including garden waste. In 2020, approximately 10,000 tonnes of green waste were collected and recycled in the city.

The local council in Plymouth can assist in the case that you have observed fly tipping and wish to report the occurance.

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