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Waste management Oxford

Oxford’s business scene is undergoing transformation, with a surge in technology and innovation sectors, alongside a rise in retail and hospitality businesses.

The city’s changing landscape aligns with the shift towards knowledge-based industries, whilst preserving its cultural and educational heritage.

Moreover, Oxford has also prioritised waste management improvements, recognising the significance of proper commercial waste collections.

This focus on responsible waste disposal contributes to maintaining the city’s cleanliness, sustainability, and overall environmental well-being.

What waste management services do we offer in Oxford?

WasteManaged offer a wide range of commercial bin services in Oxford that go beyond the standard waste collections. New customers get the added flexibility of choosing a pricing plan that is suited to the unique circumstances of their business.

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Our staff will be able to provide you with a quick waste assessment to determine the waste types you will be generating and the volume of output required for collection.

Don’t worry if you can’t give exact amounts or if you are unsure at this stage if you are a new business owner. We will provide you with options that will ensure that your site is kept clean and not overflowing with litter.

Should your waste disposal requirements change over time we can adjust your plan as needed.

We collect common waste types such as general waste, recycling, cardboard, food waste, plastics, glass bins, hazerdous, medical, dental and more.

Our bins come in a range of sizes: 240l, 360l, 660l, 1100l and fell bins.

Collections can be conducted weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

We encourage reviewing your waste removal plan after several months to determine if you should make use of mutliple bin types to reduce the number of collections needed to bring expenses down.

What commercial waste management collections do we provide in Oxford?

We can provide commercial waste collections to businesses of varying sizes and from multiple sectors.

The waste types that we can collect include:

List of general waste, food, hazerdous and medical which we provide waste management services for in Oxford.

What commercial recycling services can we provide?

We offer bespoke recycling collections to businesses within all sectors.


What affects the cost of waste collections?

The cost of waste management in Oxford can be influenced by several factors.

Here are some key factors that can affect the cost of waste removal:

  1. Type and volume of waste: The type and volume of waste generated by a business can significantly impact the cost of refuse disposal.
    Different waste streams require different disposal methods, and some types of waste, such as hazardous materials, may require specialized handling and disposal techniques, which can be more expensive.
  2. Waste collection frequency: The frequency of waste collection services can impact the cost.
    More frequent collections generally result in higher costs, while less frequent collections may be more cost-effective for businesses that produce smaller amounts of waste.
  3. Waste disposal method: The method used for waste disposal can affect the cost. For example, recycling or composting waste may be less expensive than sending it to landfill, as landfill disposal often incurs higher fees due to environmental regulations.
  4. Waste segregation and sorting: Proper waste segregation and sorting practices can reduce costs by enabling more efficient disposal methods.
    Businesses that separate recyclable materials from general waste can often negotiate lower fees for recycling services.
  5. Local regulations and permits: Waste management costs in Oxford can be influenced by local regulations and permits.
    Compliance with specific waste regulations and obtaining the necessary permits may result in additional costs for businesses.
  6. Geographic location: The geographic location of a business can also affect refuse collection costs.
    Factors such as distance to recycling facilities, landfills, and transportation infrastructure can impact the overall cost of waste disposal and collection services.

It’s worth noting that refuse collection costs can vary significantly based on the specific circumstances of each business, including its size, industry, and waste generation practices.

How often can I get commercial waste collections?

We can provide wate management collections in Oxford weekly, every 2 weeks or monthly.

We advise trying to divide waste types into multiple bins as needed for your busines.

As an example, restaurants & pubs typically require a food waste bin, a glass bin and general waste bin in varying sizes depending on the volume of each.

By making use of these 3 they can reduce the amount of collections required and also reduce their fees. That’s less time, effort and resources being spent on removals which has a positive impact on the environment.

What happens to commercial waste in Oxford?

Commercial waste in Oxford is typically collected by bin supplier companies or contractors such as WasteManaged. Recycling is encouraged, and businesses may be required to separate recyclable materials from general waste.

Non-recyclable waste may go to landfills or waste-to-energy facilities, while hazardous waste is handled separately and sent to specialised facilities. For up-to-date information, it is best to consult the Oxford City Council or go to the Oxford Environemntal Society website for further information.

Why choose us for waste management in Oxford?

Unlike many Oxford waste management service providers we can assist our customers as and when needed with our full time customer service team available to help.

We continuously look to improve our service and make sure that each customer gets the care and attention they need.

We hope that nothing ever goes wrong, but when an unforseen issue arises we have set procedured in place to ensure that your waste collections continue to run smoothy.

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What size bins can we provide?

We provide bins in mutiple sizes throughout the UK and in Oxford. The only limitation is the amount of available space on your site for larger units such as fell bins.

For most waste types we can provide 240l bins, 360l bins, 660l bins and 1100l bins.

Contact us today to get a free waste assessment or order a bin to begin your waste removal services.

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