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Business waste management in Edinburgh is an essential aspect of ensuring that the city remains clean and sustainable. 

WasteManaged provide waste management services, and we run a range of services to businesses to help them dispose of their waste in a responsible and environmentally-friendly manner.

Businesses in Edinburgh can choose from a range of waste management services, including commercial waste collections, recycling services, and specialist waste disposal for hazardous waste. 

WasteManaged offer businesses a range of waste management options, including regular scheduled collections or one-off services, depending on the business’s needs.

Businesses in Edinburgh must ensure that they comply with the waste management regulations set out by the Scottish government. 

This includes ensuring that their waste is separated and disposed of correctly, and that they have the necessary permits and licenses for the disposal of any hazardous waste.

We also provide guidance and support to businesses to help them reduce their waste and increase their recycling rates. 

This includes advice on how to reduce waste at the source, how to recycle more effectively, and how to manage hazardous waste safely.

Overall, business waste management in Edinburgh is a vital aspect of the city’s sustainability efforts. 

By working together to reduce waste and recycle more effectively, businesses can help to create a cleaner, greener city for everyone to enjoy.

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How can I save money on WasteManagement?

We run commercial waste management in Edinburgh for rubbish generated by businesses, commercial enterprises, and institutions such as schools, hospitals, and government offices. 

Here are some examples of the types of commercial waste we handle:

Paper waste

This includes any paper-based waste, such as printer paper, cardboard, and envelopes.

Food waste

This includes food scraps, expired or spoiled food, and food packaging waste.

Hazardous waste

This includes waste that can pose a threat to human health or the environment, such as chemicals, batteries, and electronic waste.

Plastic waste

This includes any plastic-based waste, such as packaging materials, water bottles, and plastic bags.

Glass waste

This includes glass bottles, jars, and other types of glass containers.

Metal waste

This includes metal cans, scrap metal, and other types of metal waste.

Construction waste

This includes waste generated from construction and demolition activities, such as concrete, bricks, and roofing materials.

Medical waste

This includes waste generated from healthcare facilities, such as used syringes, medical equipment, and biological waste.


This includes electronic waste, such as computers, televisions, and mobile phones.

Textile waste

This includes any waste generated from textiles, such as clothing, fabrics, and carpets.

If you are generating unique waste which is not listed or you are unsure of which category applies to your waste, get in touch with us and our office will advise of which options will allow you to reduce waste management expenses.

We will also assist you in building a plan that will reduce waste output to establish a clean waste management plan that won’t cause any harm to the Environment in and around Edinburgh. 

Advice for waste management plans in Edinburgh?

Reducing Waste is key when talking about saving money on waste management. 

Waste management can be an expensive undertaking for households and businesses alike. 

From collection to transportation and disposal, the costs associated with waste management can add up quickly. 

However, there are several ways to save money on waste management, and one of the most effective is to reduce the amount of waste generated in the first place.

Reducing waste can be achieved through simple changes in daily habits and behaviors. Here are some practical tips that can help you reduce waste:

Use Reusable Bags, Bottles, and Containers.

 Instead of using single-use plastic bags, bottles, and containers, switch to reusable options. Reusable bags made of cloth, jute, or canvas are sturdy and can be used multiple times. 

Similarly, refillable water bottles and food containers can save you money on disposable items while reducing waste.

Buy Products with Minimal Packaging. 

Look for products with minimal packaging or packaging made of recyclable materials such as glass, paper, or metal. Avoid products with unnecessary layers of packaging, such as plastic wrap or Styrofoam.

Donate or re-sell unwanted items and materials that are no longer of use.

Most larger companies that are involved in manufacturing, production & demolition will make heavy use of this strategy. 

By partnering with other businesses that can make use of the materials they can drastically reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfill and for treatment at Edinburgh recycling facilities. 

Business recycling in Edinburgh WasteManaged bin lorry

Examples of industrial resource repurposing include:

Office spaces will often sell outdated or surplus technology to be resold or repurposed. These sales are more common with overseas traders and will often involve refurbishing older, outdated tech items. 

Food manufacturing sites would often send refused stock to processing facilities to then be resold as animal feed.

This system has become largely reduced in recent years due to government restrictions enforced by DEFRA (Department of Environment, Farming & Rural Affairs) after several outbreaks which led to the deaths of countless livestock. 

Before throwing away items that are still usable, consider donating or selling them. 

This can help to reduce waste and generate some extra income. Items such as clothing, furniture, and electronics can be donated to local charities or sold online through platforms such as eBay or Craigslist.

Educate your staff and customers on waste reduction practices. 

Attend community events, read articles and blogs, and share your knowledge with friends, family, and colleagues. 

Simple steps like turning off lights when not in use, using reusable items, and properly disposing of hazardous waste can make a big difference.

By reducing waste, you not only save money on waste management but also contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment.

Every effort counts, and by implementing these simple strategies, you can make a positive impact on the planet and your wallet.

How do I get started?

We would need you to subtly us with some basic information about your site in order to provide several quotes for your waste management plan.

We don’t charge for bin rentals. So if you are generating multiple types of waste we advise separating them into multiple units to reduce the amount of collections required. 

You can find our quote form here which takes 2 minutes to complete.

You will then receive a quote and our office will be in touch to discuss the waste management plans for sites in Edinburgh and answer any questions you may have. 

How soon can I get a bin?

When new customers sign up we aim to have new units sent out within a week.

The exact date and time of delivery will depend on the area and how many routes operate nearby.

Bin rentals & delivery are completely free.

You will be notified of the date and time of delivery once we have secured your collector.

We have multiple collectors throughout Edinburgh, so if you have any issues with your service you still have the flexibility of switching to another waste management collector.

You won’t be locked into a contract with a substandard service provider and we offer full duty of care to all our customers for no extra charge. 

Contact us today to get WasteManaged.

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