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We provide trade waste disposal for businesses across the UK. Have us compare the market and get the best quote for your bin collections by filling in our 1 minute quote form.

Waste Disposal

Waste disposal is the collection, transfer, and eventual removal, recycling, or repurposing of various waste materials.

The UK alone produces over 100 million tonnes of waste each year and this figure is continuing to grow at an alarming rate. The problem is how we go about disposing of this commercial waste.

We need to do our best to minimise the impact on the environment and so landfill and burning waste should be something we try to avoid. 


It’s never been more important to ensure that your business is legally compliant in getting your trade waste removed. That’s why using a trusted waste management company is the go-to for tens of thousands of UK companies.

For expert advice, or for a rapid quote for your waste disposal then fill in our 1 minute quote form.

What are the laws around Waste Disposal?

If you’re a business owner you have a duty of care (legal responsibility) to make sure that your trade waste is disposed of safely and with the interest of the environmental and health & safety laws at all times.

The legislation requires you to:

  • Keep your waste production to a minimum
  • Keep your waste segregated – make sure you have at least one commercial bin per waste type
  • Do not ‘fly-tip’ your waste into someone else’s bins or land
  • Handover a ‘Waste Transfer Note’ when you have your waste removed from your business site

Some of the legislation can be quite confusing, especially for new business owners. However, if you use a good waste management company, they will ensure that your company is always handling its waste in compliance with UK law.

This means that when it comes to a Waste Transfer Note, you’ll have all the support you need to make this process as simple and easy as possible.

At least that’s what we do here at WasteManaged, other collectors can hang you out to dry when it comes to this part of the service.

How much do trade waste removals cost in the UK?

There’s no set cost for trade waste removals. The price you pay each month for waste disposal can vary depending on what kind of waste you need removing, how much, and how often.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a quote for a tailored package perfect for your needs straight away. Just fill in our rapid quote form and you’ll get an answer pretty quickly.

What you need to be aware of, however, is that some waste collectors (NOT WasteManaged) will often tag on hidden fees and fine your business excess weight charges if your commercial bins are too heavy when it comes to pick-up day. 

This can be incredibly frustrating for business owners as it’s so difficult to tell when your bin may be overweight and so they find their monthly bills for business waste collections to vary each time.

This can be a real nightmare when it comes to keeping on top of your financials.

That’s why, here at WasteManaged, we NEVER apply excess weight charges to any of our 20,000+ customers.

We provide a no-nonsense FIXED monthly rate which doesn’t change so you can be confident that you’re only paying for the service you signed up for and not an endless stream of hidden and excess charges.

Get your trade waste removal costs fixed here.

What happens to my business waste?

Different types of waste are disposed of in different ways. It all depends on the waste material’s properties.

General Waste

The most common way general waste is disposed of is, unfortunately, to bury it underground in landfill. This can be dreadful for the environment and so avoiding this is a top priority and a responsibility businesses must share across the UK.

By using a removal service like ours, you’re playing your part in reducing landfill disposal as we’re determined to send as little as we can there and find alternative destinations for your commercial waste.


Dry-mixed recycling such as paper, cardboard, certain plastics, and aluminium cans can be, as the name suggests, recycled. This means that rather than disposing of these materials, they’re instead cleaned, broken down, and remade into their original products.

For example, a fizzy drink Can is washed out, shredded (whilst removing any coloured coating) and melted down into a molten liquid which is then poured into a Can mould, cooled down and filled with a fizzy drink once again.

recycling plastic water bottles before disposal

Glass Waste

Glass waste is also recycled. In fact, once cleaned, glass can theoretically be 100% recycled and there will be no quality loss over time. This makes it a fantastic material.

The process for recycling glass is to wash, crush, and then melt the glass and cast it into moulds. You can read more about this process here.

Food Waste

There are many different food waste disposal methods. Food waste can be recycled or reused in a few ways. The most common destination for food waste is to turn it into biofuel.

The way this is done through a process called anaerobic digestion. Essentially the food waste is put into a special chamber where it decomposes and gives off methane gas which is then captured and used for energy.

Another way is that commercial food waste can be reused by turning it into animal feed for agricultural purposes. If it’s possible to reuse or repurpose waste is a priority and a fantastic thing for the environment.

Clinical Waste

Clinical waste disposal is a tricky one. Due to its dangerous and potentially harmful nature, this type of waste is often incinerated. We discuss this in more detail further down.

What bins do I need for trade waste removal?

There are various types and sizes you’ll need for your trade waste removals. These are the most common business bins you’ll come across:

1100 Litre Wheelie Bin – holds 15-18 bags – maximum capacity of 70kg. Perfect for large amounts of general, recycling, or food waste.

660 Litre Wheelie Bin – holds 10-12 bags – maximum capacity of 42kg. Perfect for general, recycling, or food waste.

240 Litre Wheelie Bin – holds 4-5 bags – maximum capacity of 15kg. Perfect for smaller amounts of (or as an additional bin for) general, recycling, food, or glass waste.

17.5 Litre Wheelie Bin – holds 1 bag – maximum capacity of around 4kg. Perfect for bins which sit inside the business premises. These can be used for office bins but are more commonly used for dedicated clinical waste containers.

waste disposal bin size comparison

Find out more information about commercial bins.

Do I need specialist waste disposal?

If your business produces waste which can’t be categorised as either general, recycling, glass, or food waste, there’s a good chance that you need a specialist waste disposal service such as clinical waste collections.

Clinical waste is the type of refuse you get from businesses such as dental practices, vets, hospitals, tattoo parlours, and beauty salons. This can include sharps waste and biomedical waste too.

There are more complicated laws surrounding this type of waste and so speaking to a friendly expert who can offer free advice on the best options for your business is recommended.

To get some free and friendly advice from an expert then fill out our speedy 60 second quote form and click the ‘Unsure/Other’ option and we’ll be in touch shortly.

WasteManaged quote form

How can I get waste disposal collections for my business?

Fear not! It’s a very simple process to get your business set up with trade waste removals.

First things first, it’s ideal if you already know what kind of waste your business produces, how much of it, and how quickly you fill up a bin. If you know this you can get a rapid quote using our form.

But, if you don’t know or are a bit unsure about what your company may need, then that’s also totally fine!

Try to fill out our speedy form best you can and an expert friendly team member will get in touch with the best waste collection options for you.

At WasteManaged we provide a fantastic, highly rated, and recommended service: 

  • Fixed, no-nonsense monthly pricing. We’re the only UK company which offers a fixed bill each month which never changes.
  • We never charge excess weight fees – again, we’re the only UK collector to do this.
  • We offer exceptional customer support to ensure you’re always getting a service you love – if you’re not getting what you want from us, we’ll fix that for you. We’re problem solvers. 

To get a quote or advice on trade waste disposal then fill out our rapid quote form here.

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