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We provide waste collection for businesses of all shapes and sizes across the UK. Compare the market and get the best quote for your rubbish collections by filling in our 60 second quote form.

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Waste Collection

Waste collection is often overlooked by new businesses, which is totally understandable. Running a small business requires a lot of time and effort.

Your primary focus is usually on your customers, employees, and revenue. As such, commercial waste disposal can take a back seat. 

But with the legal requirement to have your business waste safely and responsibly removed from your site, it’s crucial that you’re using a service you can rely on.

Even better, it’s ideal if you use a waste management service which takes care of all your collection requirements and legal compliance for you.

This will enable you to no longer worry about your rubbish and your time can be spent on the important stuff for your business.

Get all your waste collection needs sorted with WasteManaged today by filling in our rapid quote form.

Why do I need waste collections for my business?

There are a few reasons why UK businesses need a waste management service for their waste removals:

  1. It’s a legal requirement for businesses in the UK to have their waste safely disposed of. Having your waste removed from your site and taken to the appropriate treatment facility is quite the challenge for a regular company so using a waste management solution is a good way to ensure that your business is legally compliant.
  1. Practically it’s very difficult to dispose of your commercial waste yourself. You’ll need a waste truck, arrangements with disposal facilities, and of course a considerable amount of time to dedicate to managing your waste.
  1. It will cost a huge amount to carry out your waste collection without a certified waste collector. Think about what you’ll need to buy in order to legally and safely remove and transport your waste. You’ll need a waste licence, multiple commercial bins, a waste truck, and gate fee arrangements to name a few. Plus you’ll need insurance! It’s all too much. Using a waste management company is definitely the way forward.

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What waste collection services can I get?

You can get a waste removal service for each type of waste your business produces. Here are the waste types we service:

  • General waste – general, everyday rubbish (non-recyclable material)
  • Dry mixed recycling – cardboard, paper, and certain plastics
  • Glass waste – bottles and jars
  • Food waste – out-of-date food, food scrapings, leftovers
  • Clinical waste – bandages, swabs, and sanitary products
  • Sharps waste – medical, tattoo, or piercing needles

You need to assess or seek advice about what types of waste your business tends to produce, how much, and how often it does so. Then, you can get a tailored waste package which will ensure that all your business waste is collected for a fixed monthly cost. Get a quote for your rubbish collections now.

When will my bins be emptied?

You can arrange to have your commercial bins emptied on a schedule which suits your needs. The most common collection times are:

  • Twice weekly
  • Weekly
  • Fortnightly

We understand that no two businesses are the same and you may need a different bin pickup schedule to the ones listed above. 

You may also get different collection days for each waste type. A common schedule a lot of our customers use is to have their general waste collected once a week and their recycling collected every fortnight.

For a customised collection schedule for your rubbish, do not hesitate to contact us or fill in our 1 minute quote form.

How much does waste collection cost?

There is no strict price for commercial collections. That’s because each business will have different waste requirements with various types of waste, pick-up schedules and bin size(s).

However, a waste cost that many businesses are not aware of is excess weight charges. This is when your business bins are deemed too heavy for that particular collection day.

As such, most waste management companies will then charge you silly fees for this happening.

But, we think this is really harsh – it’s very difficult to tell if your bins are going to be overweight or not.

That’s why we NEVER charge excess weight fees and instead provide our customers with a fixed monthly collection price. This enables our customers to accurately budget for their waste costs; safe in the knowledge that there won’t be any surprise costs along the way. 

Another cost often overlooked is the Duty of Care documents. These are legally required documents which need to be made on your business’s behalf in order to allow for your waste to be disposed of at various waste treatment facilities. This costs £90 for an entire years worth of cover.

Get low-cost, fixed monthly bills for your waste collections today – enquire now!

What kind of bins do I need for business waste?

There is a range of business bins available for your commercial waste. Below are the options we supply:

waste collection bin sizes compared

The 1100 Litre bin has a maximum capacity of 70kg which is about 15-18 bin bags

The 660 Litre bin has a maximum capacity of 42kg which is about 10-12 bin bags

The 240 Litre bin has a maximum capacity of 15kg which is about 4-5 bin bags

The 17.5 Litre bin has a maximum capacity of 4kg which only fits 1 bag

Our larger bins (1100 Litre & 660 Litre) are usually used for general or recycling waste and are kept outside. Whereas, our smallest bin (17.5 Litre) is often used for clinical waste refuse such as bandages and swabs and is kept indoors. Our middle-sized wheelie bin (240 Litre) is the most flexible and tends to be used for things like glass waste, food waste, or as an additional or substitute bin for general or recycling.

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What happens after my rubbish is collected?

Once your waste has been collected from your business it’s out of sight and out of mind – you no longer need to worry about it. Well, at least this is the case if you use a reputable waste collector anyway.

But, many business owners will also want to be assured that their waste is disposed of not only legally and safely but also with the environment in mind.

For instance, with us, we try to send as little of your waste to landfills as possible in order to reduce your carbon footprint.

We’ll take your waste to an environmentally motivated waste treatment facility where it will be disposed of, reused, or recycled in the most eco-friendly way possible.

Therefore, using us means your company is a ‘green’ business which not only looks great for prospective customers, but your employees will appreciate it too (as will the planet!).

How do I get collections for my commercial waste?

It’s easy to get started with your commercial waste collection services. Just fill in our rapid quote form and get chatting with an expert who can provide friendly advice on the best options for your business.

We’ll compare your best waste supplier options and ensure that you’re getting the best fixed monthly deal for you.

At WasteManaged we provide a fantastic, highly rated, and recommended service: 

  • Fixed, no-nonsense monthly pricing. We’re the only UK company which offers a fixed bill each month which never changes.
  • We never charge excess weight fees – again, we’re the only UK collector to do this.
  • We offer exceptional customer support to ensure you’re always getting a service you love – if you’re not getting what you want from us, we’ll fix that for you. We’re problem solvers. 

To get a quote or advice on waste collection then fill out our rapid quote form here.

Read our commercial waste guide on how to get started on a waste manegement plan.

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