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Why use a commercial waste collection service?

Using a trusted waste collection service provider is incredibly important for most UK businesses. Whether you’re a restaurant discarding food scraps or a medical provider disposing of highly toxic materials, your waste needs to be safely disposed of regularly.

Regardless of how large or small, your operation is, every business must deal with waste in some form or another.

Though the prospect might seem easy enough, ensuring these materials are properly organised and sent to the right place can quickly become a time and money-consuming task.

Bin men providing a waste collection service

Fortunately, solutions like WasteManaged are here to transfer this requirement away from your shoulders and into our experienced, capable hands.


What type of waste can we collect?

At WasteManaged, we can collect the following waste types:

  • General waste
  • Dry mixed recycling
  • Glass waste
  • Food waste
  • Clinical waste

Will I save time and money when using a waste collection service?

In short, yes. One of the main advantages of using a business waste collection service is the reduced workload that comes with it, as you won’t need to spend as many hours on waste management during your week.

If you’re currently managing your own waste removal, you probably know how much time goes into it—but not just in terms of driving around and dropping off the bins.

You’ll also be spending hours completing paperwork (like waste transfer notes), which is another huge headache.

When you allow WasteManaged to oversee these responsibilities, you’ll be able to focus on the most important aspects of your business without distraction.

Even if you’re a small business, this free time could be what you need to continue expanding and reach more customers.

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Can my business get in trouble without a waste removal service?

We get it… managing a business is hard. From overseeing payroll to keeping your customers happy, it’s easy for waste management to become a low priority.

Unfortunately, this can mean trouble for your business if your waste is consistently disposed of late, incorrectly, or both. Not only will customers likely notice trash buildups and avoid your establishment because of it, but local authorities could fine you heavily—or worse.

Overfilled waste bins on the street

As such, partnering with a collection service ensures you can rest easy at night knowing your business waste is being properly managed.


Why is the waste collection service process so complicated?

Anyone who has managed waste in the past understands how complex the process can be. Items can’t simply be disposed of at random: some will need to be separated for recycling, whereas others must be handled with extreme care if they are particularly hazardous.

Furthermore, this may involve different pieces of equipment, including bins and containers for each type of waste—not to mention the vehicles you might need to transport them.

Finally, there are all the permits and licenses required by local governments, which can add up quickly if you aren’t careful.

If you want to keep your business clean and safe, then it’s important to hire a professional waste collection service that can help you complete these tasks accurately and quickly.


Can waste management be dangerous?

When employees have to take on the task of collecting waste, it puts them at risk for injury and illness.

Most waste must be collected from the office in bins, bags, or containers and carried out by hand. This exposes employees to dust, dirt, and germs that could cause infections or illnesses such as colds or the flu.

Employee sneezing into a cloth

If an employee becomes ill because of their job duties, it could affect productivity within your organisation.

Don’t worry; there’s an easy solution. By outsourcing this task instead, you can focus on other aspects of your company without worrying about whether your team members are getting sick from waste-related hazards.

This will simultaneously prevent understaffing issues due to employees who’ve gotten ill from managing your business waste, as well as protect you from lawsuits associated with the problem.


Will my carbon footprint will shrink if I use an eco-friendly waste collection service?

Yes, definitely. A professional waste collector will know exactly how to make the most of your “garbage” and protect the planet.

By properly sorting and recycling materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal, they’ll ensure that your waste doesn’t end up in landfills or in the ocean (this will also protect you from fines associated with environmental pollution laws).  

What’s more, a waste collection company can help you find ways to reduce the amount of waste that you generate. For instance, they can offer tips and tricks for reducing the amount of materials used in product packaging, as well as ways to prevent excess food from going to waste.

Over time, this will shrink the carbon footprint of your business. Imagine the number of new customers you could attract by showcasing how eco-friendly your operations are!

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Will my business’ reputation improve?

When you partner with a waste collection service company, you can expect your customers and their families to appreciate the difference.

After all, it’s hard not to notice when there are fewer trash bags in front of your business or when your recycling bins are filled with more materials than ever before.

Improving reputation by using an eco-friendly waste collection service

Ultimately, both customers and neighbouring businesses will appreciate the attention you dedicate to proper waste management. The number of opportunities that come your way is bound to increase with such a glowing reputation!

Our final thoughts

In conclusion, we believe that waste collection services are the best option for most businesses. They can save your company time and money, as well as make it easier to comply with UK waste regulations.


Why use WasteManaged as your waste collection service provider?

Our team of experts is equipped to answer any questions you may have about the best waste management practices for your business.

We understand that not all businesses can afford top-of-the-line waste collection services out of the gate, which is why we offer affordable rates that fit even the tightest budgets.

And because we work hard on keeping costs low while still maintaining excellent service quality and reliability, you don’t have to worry about paying more than necessary or having problems arise later on (like overfilled dumpsters).

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