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At WasteManaged, we’re one of the largest and highest-rated waste broker companies in the UK.

We operate nationwide, offering exceptional waste management services to businesses and commercial organisations through our recommended suppliers.

With our professional expertise, you can save valuable time, money, and effort when it comes to disposing of your commercial waste.

As a waste broker, we have partnered with the best waste collectors across the country, vetting them to ensure their services are of the highest quality and reliability.

By choosing to use us at WasteManaged, you can rest assured that you are receiving excellent value for your investment.

To ensure cost-effectiveness across the country, we have established strong partnerships with hundreds of approved suppliers.

This allows us to offer local, regional, and national waste services to all our customers.

By engaging local suppliers near your business, we deliver an efficient waste management service that not only reduces your costs but also minimises your carbon footprint.

Our primary goal is to provide you with top-quality waste management solutions while helping you achieve significant cost savings – all whilst doing our bit to protect the environment.

Over 26,000 businesses like you trust us to handle their waste requirements.

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What is a Waste Broker?

A waste broker is a company or individual that acts as an intermediary between waste producers (such as businesses) and waste management service providers (such as waste collection companies or recycling facilities).

Waste brokers facilitate the process of waste disposal and management by connecting waste producers with appropriate service providers.

The role of a waste broker involves understanding the waste management needs of their customers, sourcing and negotiating waste management services on their behalf, and ensuring that waste is handled and disposed of in compliance with relevant regulations.

Waste brokers typically have a network of approved suppliers or service providers that they work with to offer a range of waste management options to their customers for cheaper prices due to the bulk deals they negotiate.

By working with a waste broker, businesses can benefit from their expertise in waste management, access to a wider network of service providers, and achieve cost savings through competitive pricing.

Why not go directly to the Suppliers?

Suppliers lock you into contracts where they are the only ones who can collect your waste.

This can be quite explorative because if they were to raise their prices or provided a poor service, you’re locked into a contract with them.

Whereas, a waste broker (like us) can simply move you between suppliers to ensure you’re always getting the best deal and a reliable service.

If you’re not happy with your current supplier, a waste broker can switch you to a different one.

Going directly to a supplier doesn’t give you that flexibility and you often end up paying more in the long run.

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Benefits of using a Waste Broker

Using a waste broker for your commercial waste management offers several key advantages:

  • Cost savings: Gain access to multiple quotes from various suppliers, allowing you to choose the most affordable option for your waste management needs.
  • Flexibility: Waste brokers can source customised services tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring a solution that best fits your business.
  • Time efficiency: Waste brokers handle the time-consuming tasks of gathering quotes, managing invoices, logistics, and more, saving you valuable time and effort.
  • Environmental responsibility: With a waste broker, you can ensure that your commercial waste is managed in an eco-friendly manner. Brokers work with services that prioritise recycling and responsible disposal practices.
  • Professional and reliable services: Waste brokers are experts in the field of waste management. They ensure that the services they connect you with are safe, legal, and conducted by reliable professionals who adhere to industry standards.

What are a Waste Broker’s responsibilities?

  • Discovery Call – Waste brokers, like us, will call you to understand your waste management requirements, the volume of waste generated, specific needs, and any regulatory or compliance considerations.
  • Supplier Selection – We’ll then assess the suppliers in our network and select your waste collector according to pricing, services offered, reliability, compliance with regulations, location, and environmental considerations.
  • Logistics and Coordination – We’ll then handle the logistics, including scheduling waste collection, arranging for the trucks to arrive on time on your collection days, and ensuring they carry out the service to a high standard.
  • Invoicing and Payment – Waste brokers, like us, will handle the administrative aspects of invoicing and payment processing.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Evaluation – We’ll conduct ongoing monitoring and evaluation of your service and supplier to ensure that the agreed-upon standards and service quality are maintained.
Benefits to a WasteManaged subscription

Why use WasteManaged as your Waste Broker?

At WasteManaged, we provide you with an environmentally sustainable supplier at the best prices possible for your waste collection needs.

We already manage the waste for over 26,000 businesses located all across the UK and cover all the major waste types such as general, recycling, food, glass, clinical, and sharps.

We also have a world-class customer service team and customer experience is the primary focus for us as a business.

And, of course, we ensure that your business is legally compliant at all times and your service is of the highest standard possible.

PLUS, you can now get free bin delivery and rental for all new customers.

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