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We provide hair and beauty salon waste disposal solutions for thousands of UK businesses dotted across the country.

We have 99.8% UK-wide coverage for our collections, so we’re confident we’ll be able to dispose of your salon waste in your area.

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Why do salons need a professional waste disposal service?

As a hair or beauty salon business owner, it’s your legal responsibility to ensure that all your waste is disposed of in the correct and safe way.

But with the variety of specialist waste salons produce, this can be quite tricky to keep on top of without any professional help.

Did you know, for example, that human hair is non-biodegradable and needs to be disposed of in a safe way so as to not cause any harm to the environment?

Cutting hair with scissors close up

With other waste types like sharps, wax strips, hair dye etc it can be quite overwhelming to successfully dispose of this salon waste in a safe way. And that’s where a waste management service like ours comes in.

We take care of all the tricky stuff to keep your business legally compliant when it comes to waste disposal and ensure that your bins are collected on a schedule to suit you.

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What different types of waste are produced in a salon?

Hair and beauty salons need to dispose of various types of waste, including:

  • Hair
  • Wax strips
  • Sharps (scissors, razers, needles etc)
  • Aerosols
  • Chemicals (hair dye, cleaning products)
  • Broken or old hair dryers, straighteners, salon equipment
  • Sanitary waste

Each salon will require different waste collection needs. We can customise your disposal package so that you’re getting exactly what you need and aren’t paying for what you don’t.

How do salons safely dispose of waste?

How salons dispose of their waste will depend on the type of waste it is.

General waste – hair, bits of food, packaging which can’t be recycled etc – this material goes into a black bin bag and into either a 4-wheeler or 2-wheeler wheelie bin ready for collection.

Recycling – shampoo bottles (if cleaned), magazines, aerosols, paper etc – this stuff doesn’t need bin bags and goes directly into your wheelie bin. But it must be kept separate from your general waste by UK law.

Clinical waste – pads, wax strips, buds, sanitary waste etc – this waste will require its own bin and needs to be kept separate from your other waste types.

Sharps waste – needles, scissors, broken glass etc – this requires a lockable lid yellow sharps waste bin. You can read more about our sharps waste disposal services.

Hazardous waste – chemicals, hair dyes etc – depending on how harmful they are to humans and the environment (and how much you produce) salons may need a hazardous waste service too. This waste needs to be kept in a safe container with a lockable lid until ready for collection.

Wasted hair salon dye

What type of salon waste can be recycled?

When it comes to salon waste disposal, a lot of the materials thrown away are simply not recyclable. There are some exceptions, however. Empty aerosol cans, rinsed-out shampoo bottles, and magazines can be recycled.

What goes in a sharps bin in a salon?

Typical items from a salon which should be disposed of in a sharps bin include:

  • Acupuncture needles
  • Scissors
  • Razors
  • Clipper blades
  • Broken glass
  • Micropigmentation pens
  • Local anaesthetic needles

These items need to go into a yellow sharps bin which has a lockable lid. Ideally, this bin should be mounted on the wall in the salon, up from the ground, to avoid anyone accidentally knocking it over.

How do salons dispose of wax strips?

Used wax strips have come into contact with human skin and, therefore, would be regarded as clinical waste. They will need to be placed in a yellow waste bag or sometimes an orange bag. But they should not be mixed in with sharps waste.

Salon wax stripping on leg

Can my salon be more environmentally friendly?

There are numerous ways your hair or beauty salon can be more environmentally friendly. Here are some examples of things you can do:

  • Buy products with biodegradable r recyclable packaging
  • Rinse out your shampoo bottles so they can go into the recycling bin (and not the general waste)
  • Provide more in-store recycling bins for customers and employees
  • Fix broken tools rather than replacing them
  • Don’t overstock on inventory

Hair and beauty salon waste statistics

  • UK salons are sending over 1.3 million broken or old tools to landfills every month
  • There are around 46,000 hair and beauty salons using a commercial waste disposal service in the UK
  • UK salons produce enough waste each year to fill 50 football stadiums
  • Salons tend to waste over 25% of their hair dye inventory

Inside a hair and beauty salon

Why should I use WasteManaged for salon waste disposal?

At WasteManaged we know exactly what’s required to ensure that your salon business gets its waste disposed of in a safe and responsible manner, at an affordable price, and all without you having to worry about the legal compliance bit.

We’ve been collecting beauty business waste for over 11 years and have thousands of salon owners like yourself who use our services.

We provide your bins for free and never charge you for excess weight so you can be confident that you’re only ever paying for collections, nothing more. Nice and simple.

Get a free quote from our team today or get in touch for some friendly advice on your best waste disposal options.

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