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German Man Seeks Purple UK Bin To Complete His Collection

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The story you’ve all bin waiting for.

Keep your friends close, and your bins closer. You’ve heard of stamp collectors, vinyl collectors and numismatologists, but what about waste disposal units?

Alexander Smoljanovic sulo purple bin

Introducing Alexander Smoljanovic and his impressive wheelie bin collection.

The German man owns over 100 large wheelie bins arranged outside his house (likely to the horror of the refuse collectors), but the final addition to complete his collection can only be found in the United Kingdom.

He wanted the unit so badly that he even contacted a Buckinghamshire Paper. He’s looking for the Sulo 240-litre bin which is no longer in production. Apparently his passion for wheelie bins started when he was living in the UK.

In his interview with Bucks Free Press he stated, “‘I have miniatures and real wheelie bins from USA, Australia, France, UK, and Germany. Almost every colour is available. The most valuable colours are purple, gold, silver, and transparent.'”

Alexander Smoljanovic purple sulo bin

“Every time I’m searching for special wheelie bins I’ll contact the local newspaper. I’ve had over 80 articles now and every time was very successful with my search.”.

He also went on to describe his collection of miniature bins and real units from USA, France, Australia, France, UK and Germany, with purple, silver, gold and transparent being the most valuable.

He said he always contacts a local newspaper for hard-to-find bins and it has never failed him in the past.

Alexander Smoljanovic purple sulo bin

Many people find his hobby curious and offer units for free (despite his offering to pay), which have been out of production for decades.

There are a few purple Sulo bins still currently being used. If you have a purple Sulo that you want to go down in history then get in touch with our Marketing Department 03330098203.

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