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Are Pubs And Bars Ready For The 2022 Winter World Cup?

Increased world cup demand on pubs

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With the FIFA World Cup coming around every 4 years it provides a fantastic opportunity for pubs and bars across the UK to increase food and drinks sales, especially those with TVs, during the month-long tournament.

Typically held in the summer, the world cup is historically watched by over 3.5 billion people (Russia 2018), this year’s viewership is expected to exceed 5 billion!

Whilst a lot of football fans will be tuning in at home, around 16 million UK punters will flock to the pubs and bars that are showing the games live – providing a welcomed surge in revenue for these establishments.

People in pub celebrating world cup

In fact, one study which looked into the impact of the world cup on the hospitality industry, found that pubs and bars had an average uplift in spend of £11. This means that each customer spent around £11 more when the world cup football was on.

Combine this increase in average spending with the hike in drinkers attending the pubs during this time and you can quickly see how beneficial the Qatar world cup will be to the pub trade this winter.

Although, it remains to be seen whether the fact that the tournament is held in November/December this year, due to Qatar’s immense summer temperatures, will alter sales projections.

You’d imagine that pubs with gardens and outdoor TVs may not see as lucrative results compared to summer tournaments.

Outdoor pub garden with tv

However, the hospitality trade tends to do well during November and December because of Christmas and the festive period regardless. Perhaps in combination with the world cup, pubs will see record-breaking winter sales, but with other factors such as the cost of living crisis who knows for sure.

Either way, it’s safe to say that if you’re a pub or bar owner showing the football this winter, you’ll need to prepare for the likely increase in demand.

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What about the impact of the cost of living crisis?

Along with the unusual dates for this year’s world cup (21st November to 18th December), business owners may also be apprehensive about whether customers are prepared to go out and spend their money in their local pubs due to the economic pinch the UK finds itself in.

Whilst it’s uncertain how much of an impact the cost of living crisis will have on the spending habits of footy fans, it may be a good opportunity for pub owners to provide attractive deals and discounts to encourage those who are willing to spend more to visit their pub rather than their competition.

Pub drinkers cheers

2 for 1s and happy hours are bound to bring in drinkers to fill out the building whilst the world cup is on and word will soon get out about why your pub is the place to be this winter. You may even secure some long-term returning customers this way.

What is known, however, is that the world cup is a massive global event and most football fans are very devoted to watching their nation compete on the grand stage. Therefore, a significant number of them will be looking for places to watch it. It’s not about ‘if’ they’ll go out to watch the games, it’s about ‘where’.

How can your pub or bar best prepare for the world cup?

As we’ve already established, it’s very likely that, despite the cost of living crisis, your pub or bar will see a big boost in demand during the winter world cup.

Therefore, it’s important that your business is ready when it comes to kickoff.

With an increase in sales, comes an increase in waste. Particularly glass waste. It’s advisable that you get at least one other additional glass bin for all the empty drink bottles your business will throw away during this time.

Glass bottles in bin

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Which World Cup qualified countries produce the most waste?

When it comes to how much waste citizens produce per day in each of the Qatar-qualified World Cup countries Canada takes first place with Canadians throwing away 2.7kg of rubbish every day. – That’s the equivalent of 6 fully pumped-up footballs!

The hosts, Qatar, don’t sit far behind coming in at 3rd whilst England sits just above average at 11th with 1.79kg – Not bad, but let’s hope Southgate’s men can do better than 11th place when it comes to the footy.

Although, saying that, throwing away less is actually better for the environment so really we should be striving for 32nd (last place) along with Uraguay in the World Cup waste league table.

Waste Management at the Qatar World Cup

Did you know that Qatar officials have declared their world cup as the first of its kind to be ‘carbon-neutral’ – aiming to recycle over 60% of the waste it produces and the remaining 40% to be turned into energy.

Whilst these figures and claims are disputed it’s clear that environmental targets are greatly important for major sporting events and should be of huge consideration when planning future tournaments.

You can read more about Qatar’s world cup waste management in our in-depth article.

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