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Glass Waste Recycling in York

York is one of the crown jules of the North. This ancient town with millennia of history has always been a source of pride for the region.

Tourists from all over the UK and abroad travel here to see the old town streets and architecture, look for a bargain at the market and head into the cities many unique eateries and pubs that it has to offer.

We want to keep this post card image of York unblemished by unsighly waste bins which have been left unatended.

That’s why WasteManaged are offering a free glass waste bin to all local businesses, no matter if you are the owner of a pub, restaurant or a hotel. We are here to help all York commercial businesses with glass waste collections (the first is free by the way!).

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Where in York do we offer Glass Waste Recycling?

Getting glass waste collections in the city centre of York can be a real “pane” for many businesses.

As beautiful as the smaller cobbled streets are, they can create issues for waste management lorries to access the sites.

That’s why we also make use of smaller vehicles in order to access these tight spaces. No more worrying about missed collections. And if something does go wrong we’ll send a man in a van as part of hour York glass collection protected service.

You’ll more than likely see our glass waste lorries operating in and around: York City Centre (YO1), Selby, Heworth, Clifton, Acomb, Knapton, Middlethorpe, Fulford, Heslington, Stamford Bridge and Haxby.

York street at night.

Do WasteManaged specialise in any sectors?

We proudly offer glass and mixed recycling to bussinesses in many different industries.

With over 23,000 clients across the UK we have the advantage of getting to know our customers’ trades as well as their intricate waste management requirements.

In York, Selby and the surrounding areas we collect pub glass recycling, hotel recycling, restaurant glass collections, cafe waste collections and more.

WasteManaged only use licensed and professional collectors who can handle all types of waste from general to hazerdous.

Get your glass recycling collections today.

Glass bottles for glass waste recycling York collections.

The Glass Recycling Bin Size Guide

240 l Glass waste unit

Perfect for smaller businesses that are not producing much glass waste. Idead for disposing of mixed bottles. Smaller cafes and pubs will often take this bin if they don’t have room for larger options that would take up too much space on the site.

Glass recycling york

660 l Glass waste unit

Slightly larger than your average domestic bin, this unit will allow you to bring down the number of recycling collections you will require in York. That means let journey to sites and local landfiills in YO1.

Glass waste York

1100 l Glass waste unit

The most common unit. This would be the ideal for businesses to save on their overall collections. Bring down the number of drops and cut your costs by storing the glass waste for longer. Perfect if you have the space.

Pub waste york. Glass bottle recycling bin

How can I reduce the cost of glass disposal for my business?

  1. Invest in a glass crusher: This is an option for larger industrial sites with very high glass output. Purchase or lease a glass crusher to reduce the volume of glass waste you generate. This will make it easier to transport and recycle the glass, and it will also save you money on transportation costs.
  2. Establish partnerships with recycling centers: Establish partnerships with local recycling centers to receive payment for your recycled glass. Research different centers and compare the rates offered for recycling glass.
  3. Implement a glass recycling program: Implement a glass recycling program in your business by educating your employees and customers about the benefits of recycling glass waste in York. Encourage them to recycle their glass waste by placing recycling bins in strategic locations.
  4. Use recycled glass products: Purchase products made from recycled glass, such as glass bottles, jars, and glassware, for use in your business. This not only saves you money but also demonstrates your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility.
  5. Negotiate with waste management companies: Negotiate with waste management companies to get the best price for your glass waste. Compare prices from different companies and choose the one that offers the best deal for your business.
  6. Optimise your collection process: Optimise your collection process by segregating glass waste from other types of waste. This can help reduce contamination and ensure that the glass is of high quality, which can increase its value to recyclers.
  7. Track your savings: Keep track of the amount of glass waste you generate in York and the money you save through recycling. This can help you identify areas for improvement and make adjustments to your recycling program as needed.

Pub waste York and Selby

These services may include the collection, transportation, and disposal of various types of waste generated by pubs, such as food waste, glass bottles, plastic containers, paper products, and general rubbish.

Pub waste collection price may vary in terms of the types of waste collected, the frequency of collection, and the cost of the service. Some companies may offer customised waste management plans for pubs, depending on the size of the establishment and the amount and type of waste generated. We offer discounts for York pub glass waste collection in 2023.

Effective waste management is important for pubs, not only for regulatory compliance, but also for environmental and public health reasons. Proper disposal of pub waste helps to prevent pollution and reduces the risk of disease transmission. In addition, recycling and composting initiatives can help to reduce the environmental impact of pub waste and promote sustainability.

What happens to the glass ofter collection?

In York, glass waste is taken to a local treatment facility where it undergoes processing.

The technology used for recycling glass is known as “glass beneficiation.” It involves crushing and melting used glass to create new glass products. The process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Collection: Used glass is collected from homes, businesses, and recycling centers.
  2. Sorting: The collected glass is sorted by color, as different colors of glass have different chemical compositions and melting points. This ensures that the recycled glass is of the same color and quality as the original product.
  3. Cleaning: The glass is then cleaned to remove any contaminants such as paper, plastic, and other materials.
  4. Crushing: The glass is crushed into small pieces or cullet, which are then transported to a glass recycling facility.
  5. Melting: The cullet is melted in a furnace at high temperatures to produce molten glass.
  6. Manufacturing: The molten glass can then be molded or blown into new glass products, such as bottles, jars, and other containers.

The use of recycled glass in manufacturing reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions compared to the production of new glass from raw materials.

We are happy to help businesses in York, Selby and nearby with all of their glass and recyling or disposal needs.

Contact us today to see how much we can save you on your collections.

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