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We offer free bins for bottle glass waste collections in Bradford with affordable rates.

We only use authorised recycling and waste treatment centres that demonstrate waste processing methods which have minimal negative impact on the local environment.

We want to help local business owners in Bradford to keep our streets and countryside clean.

New customers who sign up for glass recycling in Bradford will receive secure, guaranteed collections. This means that if there is ever an issue with a scheduled lift. We will send out another vehicle to empty your recycling bin.

Glass waste and recycling services

If your business is in need of glass recycling in Bradford then WasteManaged are here to assist.

We can provide you with a site audit to discover what opportunities your site may have to cut down on bottle waste and maximise the amout of material that can be repurposed at a treatment facility.

Mixed colours bottles can be placed in the bins, but it’s important to make sure that they are free of any liquids or contaminents.

Labels can be removed at the sorting facility with the use of power jets and other thermal methods.

We will a glass recycling bin to you once you have signed up that is completely free.

You would only ever need to pay for the collections on a monthly basis as often as you need.

We recommend that sites make use of larger units so that they can hold more material. That way you can reduce the amount of collections needed on your site.

Contact us today to get your glass waste collections in Bradford.

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We are here to help Bradford with it’s glass recycling

Bradford is a city located in the county of West Yorkshire in England. It has a population of around 539,776 people and is the fifth-largest metropolitan district in the UK.

Bradford has a rich history and was once a major center for the textile industry in the 19th century. It is also known for its diverse population, with a large number of people from South Asian backgrounds living in the city.

The city is home to several notable landmarks and attractions, including the National Science and Media Museum, the Alhambra Theatre, and the Bradford Industrial Museum.

With the city having a thriving nightlife and dining scene, it is essential that Bradford has access to an efficient and affordable glass waste service.

We help provide guidance to over 230 sites in the area who are producing bottle waste for recycling.

If you would like a free waste management audit for your site then get in touch with one of our advisors who will assist you in finding an affordable plan that will allow your site to meet the sanitation standards you aspire to.

How soon can I get my first collection?

You can get a bin sent out to you the same week if you sign up before Tuesday afternoon.

If you need glass waste collections in Bradford you could expect to receive your first lift within 1 to 2 weeks.

We would need you to provide us with your business name, frequency of collections, number of units and the type of waste being produced.

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How is glass waste recycled in Bradford?

In general, glass recycling in Bradford involves several steps, which may vary depending on the location and recycling facility’s capabilities. Here are the basic steps of the recycling process:

Bottle waste is collected from households or businesses in recycling bins or designated collection points.

The collected glass is transported to a recycling facility in Bradford, where it is sorted by color and type. The material is usually separated into clear, green, and brown glass, as these are the most common colors.

The bottles and material then cleaned to remove any contaminants such as labels, caps, or food residue.

The clean glass is crushed into small pieces called cullet. This process is done to reduce the material’s size, making it easier to transport and recycle.

The cullet is then melted in a furnace at a high temperature. The melted glass is then formed into new products such as jars, bottles, or fiberglass.

The process of recycling glass generally involves collection, sorting, cleaning, crushing, melting, and forming into new products.

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