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Glass recycling Kingston upon Hull

Glass recycling in Hull has never been easier since we increased the number of our collection routes around the Humber!

We are excited to anounce our new discounted glass waste plans to Hull businesses and have more bonuses on the way for our customers.

We don’t charge for bin delivery and rental. You will only ever pay for glass recycling removals.

Our expert support team are available whenever you need to assist you when you need to make any changes to your glass waste plan.

Fill out our quick quote form to see our prices or give us a call on 0333 009 8209.

Which Types Of Businesses Do WasteManaged offer
Glass Recycling To?

We proudly provide glass recycling Hull collections to over 250 businesses in the area. With over 23,000 customers throughout the UK, we have expanded our urban and rural glass recycling routes to ensure that our customers get bin collections which are flexible, reliable and affordable.

For the past 11 years our lorries have been operating around Hull and we take pride in providing world class service to our customers from all sectors:

  • pubs
  • restaurants
  • hotels
  • music venues
  • garages
  • cafes
  • bars
  • glass workshops
  • window fitters
  • class production sites

Where Do We Service Glass Waste Bin Collections?

WasteManaged are one of the few recycling service providers that offer remote glass collections.

We can provide glass recycling in Hull to businesses in or near the following locations:

(HU1) Hull – Airmyn, Barton, Beverley (HU17), Bilton, Bishop Brigg, Brough, Broughton, Burton, Cave, Cleethorpes, Cottingham, Crowley, Drifield, Easington, Goole, Grimsby, Hessle, Hornsea, Howden, Hull, Humber, Kilingholme, North Preston Scunthorpe, Skipsea, Skirlaugh, South Ulceby upon Withernsea.

How Soon Can I Get Glass Recycling Services?

You can be signed up for glass waste collections in under 5 minutes. We have a fast quote form to fill in that will give our team everything they need in order to get your glass recycling Hull plans ready. You could turn the kettle on and have a price before you’ve finished making a brew.

Next you will receive you pricing options. Once you’ve chosen the glass collection plan that best suites your budget and needs we will arrange to get a bin sent out at a convenient time for you.

We just need to know the following:

  1. The location of your site(s).
  2. How often you will require collections
  3. The amount of waste you will be producing.
  4. How many glass waste bins you will need for your site.
  5. What types of waste you will be generating (we also collect general, recycling, mixed recycling and food waste).

If you are unsure about any of the above you may select the general option and one of our advisors will put together several options with guidance on the pros and cons of each plan to see which best fits your business.

All of our glass waste bins come with secure and lockable lids to prevent cross contamination from fly-tippers and

Secure locked glass waste bin by WasteManaged

How to cut costs on glass recycling in Hull

There are several ways to reduce the costs of glass recycling:

  1. Increase the quantity of glass being recycled: This can be done by promoting glass recycling and encouraging individuals and businesses to recycle more.
  2. Improve the efficiency of the recycling process: This can be achieved by investing in better equipment, streamlining the recycling process, and reducing the amount of contamination in the glass.
  3. Collaborate with other organisations: Working together with other recycling organisations can help to reduce the costs of glass recycling by sharing resources and expertise.
  4. Use innovative technologies: New technologies, such as automation and machine learning, can help to reduce the costs of glass recycling by improving the efficiency of the process.
  5. Reduce the cost of transportation: Transportation can be a major cost in glass recycling, so finding ways to reduce transportation costs, such as by locating recycling facilities closer to the source of the glass, can help to reduce overall costs.

The WasteManaged Bin Size Guide

240 Litre Glass Waste Bin

Our glass recycling bins are available for storing bottles and glass waste of all colours.

For glass recycling Hull, we can offer weekly or even monthly collections depending on the need of the business.


Width: 110cm

Height: 150cm

240 litre glass waste bin hull

360 Litre Glass Waste Bin

Our glass waste bins are perfect for storing bottles and glass waste of all colours.

For bottle recycling Hull, we can offer weekly or even monthly collections depending on the need of the business.

You’ll find that this bin holds roughly 8 – 10 bags and can be emptied regularly.


Width: 128cm

Height: 125cm

660 l glass waste bin hull

1100 Litre Glass Waste Bin

The 1100 L is the largest container provided by WasteManaged.

Perfect for larger sites and venues. Pubs waste, resaurant recycling, cafes, bar recycling, nightclubs, and any businesses producing large volumes of glass waste would benefit from this unit. Bring down the number of collections and reducing costs in the process.


Depth: 89cm

Width: 69cm

Height: 120cm

1100 l glass waste bin

How are bottles and glass recycled?

Recycling commercial glass waste in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire, follows a similar process to the recycling of residential glass waste. The first step is collecting the commercial glass waste, which can come from businesses such as restaurants, bars, hotels, or construction sites, and is collected in a separate bin or container to avoid cross-contamination.

Once collected, the glass waste is sorted by color to ensure the recycled glass’s consistency and quality. The sorted glass is then transported to a recycling facility, where it is cleaned to remove impurities such as paper labels, dirt, and food residue. Afterward, the glass is crushed into small pieces called cullet.

The cullet is then melted in a furnace at high temperatures, and the molten glass is poured into molds to form new glass products. Finally, the new glass products are manufactured and distributed for use in various industries, such as construction, automotive, or packaging.

Recycling commercial glass waste in Hull is vital for reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and conserving natural resources. The local government of Hull encourages individuals and businesses to recycle their glass waste to create a more sustainable and eco-friendly city.

Hull recycling centre opening times for one off disposals

Hull Council Waste Centre
Amsterdam Rd, Hull HU7 0XF

7 Wiltshire Rd, Hull HU4 6PA

Burma Dr, Hull HU9 5SD

Get Your Hull Glass Recycling Arranged Today

It takes no time at all to get set up for glass recycling Hull. Simply fill in the form and receive multiple quotes from us.

If you wish, one of our advisors can call you to discuss the plans available.

We’ll arrange a convenient time for you to receive a bin so you can focus on your business without the pane of worrying about glass recycling.

Fill out our fast quote form to find out the cost of our plans available.

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