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Your Guide to Safe, Efficient Glass Disposal

Using glass in everyday life is nothing new. It’s been used for at least 3,500 years, starting with some of the earliest civilisations in Mesopotamia, around modern-day Iraq. The modern world and industrial processes made it easier to produce and more accessible, creating the windows, bottles, jars and every other shape or form of glass that we know today. We provide glass disposal for large and small companies that require consistent collections.

Now, in an environmentally-conscious world, this proliferation of glass means that people and businesses need commercial glass recycling as a core part of any business waste disposal system.

If your business, whether a one-person team or a national chain, produces any kind of glass waste products (most do!), this is everything you need to know.

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Will Glass Disposal for Recycling Cut Costs?

Commercial glass recycling isn’t just about helping save the environment (although that is a nice bonus), it will also help reduce how much money you spend on your overall business waste collection.

As people are increasingly asked to reduce landfill use, tipping rates and taxes have gone up, meaning that treating your waste as one mass can be increasingly expensive.

Diversifying how you process your business’s waste by employing professional glass disposal experts will reduce the overall weight of general waste your business is producing, meaning cheaper bills and a healthier planet.

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Do I Need to Separate Different Types of Glass When Recycling?

All glass can be recycled, but not all at the same time or in the same way. But this doesn’t mean glass recycling is a complicated business; you simply need to organise your glass waste by colour.

This is because different colour glass contains different substances, which means they have varying melting points, that need to be recognised by the system they are being sorted by to ensure that we process them in the correct way.

If you’re ever in doubt, just get in touch, and we can advise on how to deal with any glass disposal questions you might have. It’s what we’re here for.

How is Glass Recycled?

It all starts with contacting a glass disposal and recycling service and then putting everything in your glass recycling bin. We collect it, and then it gets interesting.

Your waste glass is treated to a pre-treatment process which blasts the glass with air, stripping away any leftover remnants of paper or plastic. A good wash takes away any leftover residue and magnets are used to take away lids, caps or metal pieces that might still be in the mix.

Once clean and pristine, any needed extra substances are added to the mix and then, the furnace. It is all melted down to molten glass, then, when cooled, moulded into the new shapes, bottles and jars, and every other shape of moulded glass that you could need.

And there we go — new, environmentally-conscious glass products for all!

Glass disposal for recycling in molten pot.

Glass Disposal and Recycling Legislation

Glass recycling helps keep all landfill use to a minimum and is key to reducing glass waste in your household or business.

It is also a crucial part of the UK government’s effort to help industry create a ‘truly circular economy’, reaching net zero emissions by 2050 and a 70 percent recycling rate in just eight years from now.

There are different rules and regulations for professional waste collectors and private citizens, like procedure for broken glass. The main focus is on the division of waste into four separate categories — paper, plastic, metal, glass.

The aim of all of this is to increase the amount of waste that is being recycled and the quality of the waste that is being collected. All of this is to increase overall efficiency. This is why business waste collection and glass disposal is so crucial.

melting and recycling.

Common Mistakes With Glass Disposal

We like to make glass disposal and recycling as simple as possible. In that spirit, here are a few mistakes some people make:

  • Leaving caps and lids on their bottles or jars: These things can’t be recycled in the same process as the glass and their removal at the start of the process makes everything easier, more efficient. They can be recycled in their own way but won’t be if everything’s all mixed together.
  •  Not removing leftovers: The best of recycling intentions can be ruined by not giving your glass an easy rinse before sorting it. Make sure that, to the extent possible, it’s just glass you’re recycling — no wet cards, labels, leftover mayo, or wine. That small extra effort is crucial.
  • Taking your glass to the wrong place: The domestic household bin can take bottles and jars, but anything else, such as broken glass recycling, needs a specialist’s touch.
  • Relying on your local council’s system: Councils try their best but can differ from area to area. Their waste management is less precise, less focused, and lacks specialist knowledge.

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Do You Provide Glass Disposal Near Me?

Yes, we do. We service all of the UK, and you can use our website to put in your postcode and get a direct quote, or feel free to give us a call and discuss your options.

How Do I Get Started With Glass Disposal?

You just have to get in touch — it’s as easy as that! Glass recycling and disposal has never been simpler in the UK, and we’re here to make your business more cost and energy efficient.

A simple, professional service that works for you.

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