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Business onwers who want to know ‘who can collect my waste?’ look no further than here. We’ll answer any question you may have and can provide you with a waste collection quote for you today!

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Who can collect my waste?

The vast majority of UK businesses use a professional waste management service to collect their waste.

The local council are responsible for collecting household rubbish, but when it comes to commercial waste, business owners must arrange for collections themselves.

Waste collection service providers

Many businesses opt to use a waste collection servicer rather than dispose of the waste themselves – which can be expensive, difficult, and time-consuming.

At WasteManaged, we’ve provide bins for free and collect them for an affordable price for over 22,000 businesses across the UK. To get a quick quote fill out our easy online form today.

Collect my office waste

Offices are a typical type of business that require commercial waste collections. These organisations tend to throw away rubbish such as paper, cardboard, ink cartridges, kitchen (food) waste, plastic pens, plastic cups & water bottles, lunch wrappers etc.

Tips for office waste

  • Have multiple in-office bins for your different waste types
  • Have smaller bins for underneathe desks
  • Reduce waste by cutting down on cups and providing glasses, mugs, and bottles instead
  • Encourage employees to recycle
  • Can your company go paperless?

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What type of rubbish do you collect?

At WasteManaged, we collect general, dry-mixed recycling, food, glass, and clinical waste.

  • General waste – napkins, non-recyclable material, food wrappers
  • Dry-mixed recycling – paper, cardboard, recyclable plastic, alluminium cans, tins (cleaned)
  • Food waste – cores, peelings, plate scrapings, cut-offs, gone-off food
  • Glass waste – bottles and jars
  • Clinical waste – sharps, chemicals, bodily fluids/parts, bandages, swabs etc

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What happens after you collect my waste?

Your waste will be taken to the appropriate treatment facility depening on what type of waste it is. We aim to recycle as much of our customers waste as possible.

Recycling process

With general waste, we’ll attempt to recover any recycylable material before sending it off to landfill.

Dry-mixed recycling will be seperated into its properties (paper will be seperated from plastic for instance). These materials will then undergo the appropriate recycling process and turned into new materials/products.

Food waste will be sent to an anerobic chamber where it’s converted into biofuel and fertiliser.

Glass waste will be cleaned (removing any labels from bottles) and crushed into cullets which can then be smelted and moulded into new products.

Clinical waste is usually incinerated or sterlisied.

Why should I use WasteManaged for my waste collections?

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We have 11+ years of experience collecting waste for over 22,000 businesses located all over the UK.

This makes us experts in what we do. We know exactly what your businesses needs and will do all the hard work for you. All you have to do is fill up the bins.

And if that doesn’t sell it for you, we’ll provide you with free bins for collections and deliver them to you for free too! Who doesn’t love free?

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